The best sales people may not be sales types.

No one seems to trust sales people anymore.

Instead, it seems that genuine advocates or cause-oriented folks are given more attention by buyers these days. The tennis star who reps a new tennis equipment line; the nutrition nut marketing a new line of pesticide-free whole food multis; the alternative MD marketing organic skin care products; the environmental activist marketing environmentally friendly cleaning products…

They’re specialists by trade or personal interest or experience. And now they’re involved in the sales of something they believe in, use themselves, and can speak about with genuine love.

No one thinks of them as “just” sales people or ‘self promoters’ looking for a quick buck.

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Kim Klaver


  • So true. People view salesman as pushy, aggressive and rude, so why try to be that person?

    People buy from people they know, like and trust. Find a way to create that know, like and trust by just being a friend to people. The ones who want what you have will step up.

    It happens all the time to me. I go to my back office and see that I have a new customer. When I call them to thank them for their order, I find out they have been reading my posts on a particular forum or blog comments or myspace or somewhere else for a while and decided to see what the link in my signature was all about.

    These people feel like they know me already and clicking the link was their idea so they are more than happy to buy from me and/or check out my business.

    Stop trying to force your product/business down people’s throats and simply be yourself. Those who like who YOU are will come to you.


  • t. money: People advocate things that mean a lot to them. They get behind causes that matter to them. My new and tiny start up markets a product I’ve used for years, developed by people I know who, like me, have had a life-long interest in health and fitness. So anyone who knows me, sees me, knows the product and I are a natural fit. Plus I like the idea of building an empire.

    So find a product you really can get behind because it is YOU. Fits who you already are.

    If it is the business that turns you on the most, ask yourself what about it is linked to who you already are (or want to become).

    If people are just selling to make a buck, they don’t make it, not in NM or in any other sales area. There are too many genuine folks coming into sales for the dollar chasers to last.

    Hope that helps.

  • I’m not an expert about animals and their health like a veterinarian is. I am an animal lover with years of personal interest and experience working with animals. I’ve always gone over board to do the best for my own pet’s health. If someone with no interest in pets contacted me to buy “their best pet product” I would know right away they were looking for a fast buck, so no thanks. I am a healthy pet nut and not just with the products I market. I look at the whole animal for health and well-being.

    I’m not a health nut with my family or myself. I started feeling guilty for not doing enough to keep us as healthy as our pets. Now I’m a wife and mom proud of the way I’ve started focusing on keeping us healthy. I love this product so much I wanted to promote and sell it to other “non-health nut” moms who are starting to feel guilty for not doing enough for their family.
    It doesn’t take a Health Nut, Veterinarian, Doctor or Activist to market a product you believe in and love enough to use it even if you don’t sell it.

    I have a pet blog that isn’t just a way for me to market my products. I write a wide range of things and they are all personal to my feelings. I think of it as talking with a friend, not selling.


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