The day I dropped my inhibitions…

Are your inhibitions stopping you from letting out your inner genie? Here’s what one gal did…

“Last spring I posed nude for an art class. Up until that point, I could count on one hand the number of people who had seen me naked, including doctors.

The experience of having people observe me in my birthday suit was both terrifying and invigorating. I realized that if I could drop my inhibitions so completely, the way I dropped my robe, I could find the confidence to do anything — including leaving my unhappy marriage. I’m now single and loving it.” – Amy Fortier, Enfield, New Hampshire

One more…

“As a lifelong people-pleaser and perfectionist, I have often lost myself in the quest for approval. The most fearless thing I’ve ever done is accepting myself for who I am – flaws, imperfections and all. It is a recent concept and one that I’m still working on mastering. I have dared to be me.” – Laura Hoffman, Ambridge, PA

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  • To advertise all the *schtuff* we need to simplify our lives… Ever notice how many things the experts say we need in order to simplify our lives or our look? I put both my Mary Kay and Avon reps’ kids through school trying to follow all the beauty magazines “Get the natural look” articles…

    I think we do the same thing in our business. Instead of focusing on moving product or finding folks to network with we focus on the newest gizmos which are going to take our business to “next level” where we’re “just going to blow it out of the water….” 🙂 Sometimes its easier to fiddle around with autoresponders and voicemail messages than trying to sound human and meet people.

    Just my two cents….
    who’s blog is under construction…

  • Ty – Interesting question…because it IS thick, compared to say Time mag.

    What I notice about RS though, compared to um, Men’s Health, is that it FEELS lighter. Plus it is very easy to read. The ads do NOT intrude in the articles…in fact, the articles are on one page, and the ads, which are pretty good, are on the other page.

    It’s easy to read and doesn’t feel heavy like other mags.


    Plan B Queen – agreed. These other things are much easier…so we do them. But being human and real works best, which is why acting like a normal person who cares about other people seems to get more sales, like Joe Girard did.

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