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The lady and her housekeeper…

two women talkingThe lady and her housekeeper…

Some few months ago, the housekeeper confided in the lady of the house how she had lost her interest in life.

Lydia, the housekeeper, was once a great chef, and her unappreciative husband and children had worn her down with their constant criticizing – of her cooking, her own housekeeping, etc. She just didn’t care anymore.

The lady of the house liked the housekeeper and wanted to help…

The lady of the house: Lydia, will you try something each day for two weeks?

The housekeeper: Yes! Of course…

The lady of the house: Each night, before you sleep, tell yourself this: “I did my best today, my very best. And that is all I can do, and all I can expect myself to do.”

The housekeeper: That’s it?

Lady of the house: That’s it.

Three weeks later…

The (obviously happy) housekeeper: I am excited about my life again! My passion is back!

Lady of the house: (Smiling) Tell me what happened…

The housekeeper: Well each night I said to myself what you said to say: “I did the best I could today, and that is all I can do, and all I can expect myself to do.”

The lady of the house: And?

The housekeeper: Well I realized I had NOT been doing my best in preparing meals for my family. And when I realized that, I decided to DO my best creating meals, which I’ve always loved doing and which I did really well…

Lady of the house: And then what happened?

The housekeeper: Well, after I realized I had not done my best a few days in a row, I decided to DO my best. And then I got all excited again about cooking and preparing food! So I did it really well like I used to! And everybody noticed! And I’m passionate again about creating fabulous food!

Moral. It does not take a year on the psychiatric couch to bring yourself back to life.

Sometimes, just the right questions and statements to yourself each day, for 10-14 days, could change your whole motivation and zest for life.


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