The most important Google tool you’re not using?

In a wonderful post, my friend Robert Scoble asks how many people have used the the Google AdWords Keyword tool.

For online marketers like us, this is a big deal.

“What does this tool do? It helps you see the searches that people are actually doing on Google. Let’s say you had a quilting store. Do you really know what searches people are actually doing to find information about quilting? If you haven’t used this tool, no, you don’t.

“This tool also is important to figure out how many people are searching for a particular topic. This helps you test your assumptions of how many people are really searching for something. This will help you choose your title tags, and, even, your content.”

“It’s not the only tool that online marketers should be using, either. In this video Avinash Kaushik, who is one of the world’s top analytics experts, and now works at Google, gives you other tips for how to use tools like this one, along with measurement tools to refactor your Web site’s content.”

Wonderful stuff for online marketers to find their audience. No charge, either. Just do it.

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Kim Klaver


  • I used this just the other day to add a new keyword to my goodle ad for my website. But having the word on my list and getting google to show MY ad when people search on that word are two different things. Just having the right ad words is not enough. Any suggestions?

  • This is a great tool that is for sure. I have been using keyword tools for years.

    Bret, your ad still needs to be compelling, it needs to make people want to click on it. And of course your site needs to really stand out and offer your audience what they are looking for, if it doesn’t, they won’t stay long.

  • Hey Sheri:

    Thanks for the feedback. I still don’t understand why when I search on my main keyword, the one google says it shows the most for my ad, my ad NEVER comes up, but the same ads do come up over and over again. So the issue is getting google to show my ad more than getting people to click on it once it is shown. Make sense?

  • On your keyword list for your campaign’s ad group, there is a tool to help you analyze how to make your ad more visible. Your ad rank on Google will depend on your quality score, which figures in bid amount, CTR and keyword relevancy.
    The diagnostic tool will help you improve your ad for maximum effectiveness.
    Hope this helps.

  • Susie: It does, thanks. Steep learning curve for rookies 🙂

    I made an interesting change a few days ago. I had 15 key words for my add – one of them got 80% exposure, and a few of them had NEVER been used by Google to show my ad. So I eliminated my top keyword. Now, Google is slowly showing my ad for words on my list they had never done so before.

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