The most important thing you can give…

In the days before she died (today), Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former US presidential candidate (and unfaithful) John Edwards, said this:

“The most important thing you can give your children are wings,” she told the CBS News broadcast 60 Minutes, “because you’re not going to always be able to bring food to the nest; sometimes they’re going to have to be able to fly by themselves.” See here.

I think this thinking and planning applies to your new babies (your new recruits and customers) too. Think?

What are you doing to give them wings?

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Kim Klaver

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  • Dear Kim,
    With independent distributors and companies spread around the globe, this wings (independence) thing is bigger than ever. I never will forget the day when I learned of a colleague who walked away from a $10K per mouth network marketing income because he found himself on the phone 24/7's. He planned is own failure by micro-managing his team and being the go-to guy hero with the answers and fixes all the time.

    In my mind it is far better to tell the associate where to find their own answer or fix, rather than handing them the info.

    Incidently, my friend Ken K. was with the same company that our respected Tim Sales still works.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

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