The perfect prospect…

If you could ask for the perfect prospect, who would you ask for?

Pick five characteristics that you believe matter most. Consider the reason you signed up, or any other characteristics you believe a person must possess to make it in NM.

I’ll start.

1. Someone who wants a business of their own. (However, remember good intentions are just that – good intentions. And talk is just that. But let’s imagine someone who really DOES want a business of their own, and will do some work and spend some money to get it off the ground.)

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Kim Klaver


  • Someone who realises from what you show them that this really is the BEST and easiest way to start their own business. (the overheads are minimal, the company ship the products and handle the promotion material etc) – you only need to do the showing bit!

  • 2. People who enjoy a good challenge
    3. Risk Takers
    4. Busy People (want something done, ask a busy person)
    5. People who can get excited about growing and developing into ALL THEY CAN BE as a human being.
    6. There are other qualities I could name but you only asked for five.

  • My perfect prospect is someone who:

    (in addition to your #1)

    2. Drinks energy drinks or knows people who drink energy drinks.

    3. Is coachable and can follow a proven system for success.

    4. Wants to grow personally and professionally.

    5. Connects with me on a friend level as well as business partner level.

    6. I would want to spend 30 days on a cruise with.

    Roxanne Green
    Energy Drink Testers Wanted

  • Someone who knows pet nutrition is very important

    Someone who is involved with animals, especially dogs daily

    Someone who has been a business owner

    Experienced network marketer looking for a product related to healthy pets

    Someone who enjoys sales and has the extra money for marketing using different venues.

  • In addition to number 1…

    Someone who loves to read and is hungry for knowledge.

    Someone who is self-motivated, coachable and teachable.

    Someone who understands that having your own business involves some kind of an investment…both time and money.

    Someone who’s a team player but can also function on his/her own.

    Someone who loves to make a difference in someone else’s life.

    Someone friendly, kind and giving.

  • 1. what Kim said
    2. Someone who’s outgoing with a good sense of humor who likes to have fun and enjoys getting to know other people
    3. Someone who knows what it means to work hard and doesn’t mind it, actually enjoys it.
    4. Someone with tenacity, who won’t give up at the first cloudy day.
    5. Someone who’s sincere and believes a promise is a committment.

    If I could add more, it would be a baby boomer woman who wants her golden years to be a little more “golden”. Like me.

    Edie Elting

  • 1. What Kim said,

    2. Someone who follows through on their commitments,

    3. Someone who desires #1 so badly that they are obsessive about their success,

    4. Someone who believes in themselves even when they are about to do something that they’ve never done before, and

    5. Someone who can dynamically interact with others, and knows how to make people feel good about themselves.

  • 1. What Kim said…specifically someone willing to pay $500-600 to get started and willing to spend $100-200 a month on their business (including monthly order, advertising costs etc). Also willing to put in at least 10-15 hours a week on their business.

    2. Someone who is clear on their WHY.

    3. Someone with determination and persistance.

    4. Someone with a computer, printer, broadband internet….and knows how to use it all.

    5. Someone willing to develop personally.

  • My perfect prospect is someone who:

    1. Loves my product. Buys it and uses it.

    2. Likes to sell. Can take the pukeys, and still keep the smiles.

    3. Is willing to put in time,money and effort to build the business.

    4. Believes in NM. Wants to be a network marketer.

    5. Has a strong sense of business integrity and is sincere.

    And I think you’re just around the corner,right?

  • 1. What Kim says
    2. Someone who is passionate about healthy living
    3. Someone who realizes that owning your own business means investing in it, both with money and hard work, and does not perpetuate the myth that MLM/NM is a get rich quick scheme
    4. Someone who is outgoing, friendly, caring, energetic, and fun to work with and who is willing to be coached and stay plugged in.
    5. Someone who loves the challenge of growing as a person and helping others to grow as well.

    I am lucky enough to already have some of these people on my team and ready to welcome more.

  • 1. Someone who loves people and sales
    2. Self-motivated, energetic and a hard worker
    3. Honest
    4. Loves the products madly
    5. Wants to create something of value through helping others

  • That someone would also need to:
    #2. Have a sense of humor.
    #3. Be capable of independent thought.
    #4. Attend all the major company functions.
    #5. Support his/her team.
    #6. Willing to find others with qualities #1 thru #5.

  • Su and Karen,

    In the future, you may want to put a link in your post or sign in as “Other” at the bottom and put your website address in there instead of just your name.

    If you have an iGaggle profile, you could put that link in there.

    Even if the perfect person for either of you were reading these comments, they would have no way to contact you.

    Just a thought.

    Have a great day!!

    Roxanne Green

  • 1. What Kim said (or someone who at least has some business sense or could understand business taxes in it’s most basic sense.)
    2. Someone who likes to travel or wishes they could travel more.
    3. Someone who has the means to travel.
    4. Someone who has been booking their travel online.
    5. Someone who truly wants to commit to changing their lifestyle versus ranting.

    Bonus points:
    Someone who is outgoing and ready to go to work.
    Someone who knows people described in #1-5.
    Someone who I would like to work with on a daily basis.
    Someone who I would like to spend 30 days on a cruise with … as Roxanne said … which I doubt very much would ever happen! 🙂

    Yo … Roxannne wanna go cruisin’? He, he.

    Gayle Wheeler
    Travel Consultant
    YTB Travel Network

    p.s. Thanks Kim for your call tonight and your helpful advice.
    You rock.

  • 2)Have a burning desire to change their situation.
    3)Be willing to follow a proven turnkey system.
    4)Be willing to change if they they want to grow as a person.

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