The Purpose-Driven Marketer

Do others see you as a lotions and potions peddler, or a pill shill?  Would you like to be seen as someone who has something bigger and better on your agenda than being a product shill?

Nobody saw Steve Jobs as a shill for Apple’s gadgets. He was perceived to be a ‘visionary’ whose goal was to make gadgets so beautiful (and functional) that when we saw them, we’d cry with awe. That was his higher purpose – make the coolest, best communication gadgets Apple teams could build. Nothing less. No matter how long it took or what the cost.  Enough people LOVED those gadgets around the world and he saw his dream come true. Booming sales followed.

Some of you have a personal purpose that is higher than the products or services you are marketing.  Those are just part of your bigger purpose, your bigger picture.  Anyway, that’s who this post is for.

What if others saw YOU as a purpose-driven marketer?  Someone with a bigger purpose that you are pursuing in your life, and the products/services you market are just PART of that? Like Steve Jobs?

If you’d like to present yourself as such a marketer, I have a small test program you might like to know about.  It shows you:

1) What a higher purpose marketer or authority is and
how to act like one, and
2) how to market your products like a purpose-driven marketer.

To cap it off, we’ll 3) do a 90 minute live seminar teleconference with
members of the purpose-driven marketer class to review how to talk (and
write) about your products/services. You know, so that you’re perceived as a
purpose driven marketer – not a product or service shill.

I can take 20 students for this experimental class.  It’s based on a module
in the $297 Authority program, but will cost a fraction of that. 
Check it out here. First 20.
  Because working with individuals takes time.

And, if this meets a real need, I will create a much bigger program.

shill. noun. a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty. Here.

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, I want to be seen as a purpose driven marketer because I’m trying to get the message out there that my customers (you) can stay healthier and enjoy life better if you stay away from the junk foods and products that actually hurt you. But so far i cannot afford to pay out that kind of money–I just don’t have it.

  • I personally never say to myself I don’t have anything. it may be put off till later, I do know if I want something bad enough and it’s the right thing to do, it always seems to show up. The universe provides!

  • Thanks Kim for the wisdom shared in this blog.

    A purpose-driven marketer gets to his or her goal “NO MATTER WHAT” as the action is driven by passion. There is often strong emotions involved because not promoting the products or services hurts. For example, we may be concerned about promoting products that can help our customers to live a life free of knee pains or allergies.

    There would be no excuses, no procrastination, no quitting.These are not the options!

    Viola Tam

    Viola Tam

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