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If you think recruiting is harder today, it is.

If you want to hear excerpts from a live telegig I did for 400 Shaklee reps the other day, to introduce a new “Skeptical Marketplace Recruiting” teleclass Sept 12-13, teleclass Sept 12-13, click on the audio link here (21 minutes total):


The marketplace is a much more skeptical place than it was even 5 years ago. And it’s not just us.

The sheer deluge of screaming ads everywhere is one reason.

Who could watch TV without their remote and TIVO? How many of you paid for cable TV to get fewer ads interrupting your programs?

Who here subscribes to XM radio or Sirius to get away from the barrage of ads and lame programming?

Are you on the Do Not Call list? We almost put the telemarketers and their annoying sales pitches out of business. We’re safe when we pick up our home phone, at least. Well, sort of, until we get calls from people we know, soliciting…

Who believes marketers anymore?

With new best sellers titled “All Marketers are Liars” and “Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth about B.S.” annotated here how is anyone marketing anything to break through the perception that all is sham or scam, to one degree or another?

(“Never in the history of mankind have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue. Presidents, priests, politicians, lawyers, reporters, corporate executives, salespeople and countless others have taken to saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe — not what is, but what works.” – from “Your Call…”)

Network Marketing has its own integrity crisis

Has anyone noticed the gaping gap between the big money recruiters continue to promise, and the reality that networkers experience?

Do you think it’s OK to keep on promising $8k in your first 30 days, or any other amount, when neither the ones making the promises or 95% doing the business are earning that?

The dead bodies are everywhere, with their gory stories, making liars out of all the financial freedom recruiters.

We can do better. Can’t we?

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