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The Ugly Truth

A great PS from Frank Kern today.
Frank’s the Internet Guru who’s
made millions in the last few years marketing
“how to make giant income” programs, both
online and off, by selling good stuff. He was promoting a
$2,000 program, and signed off with this PS:

“Carefully Hidden Fine Print:

For the love of all that is holy, any results
Brendon mentions in his video are NOT EVEN

I think that most people who buy ANY
“how to” products get no results at all.

Running a successful business and making
a lot of money is HARD AS HELL but worth

It usually takes a while before you really make
significant money.

All business entails risk and you’ll likely lose
money before you finally hit on something
that performs really well.

(Please read that paragraph again. Thanks.)

That’s normal, and it happens to just about
everybody. So you might as well “fail fast”
and get it out of the way.

If you don’t want to accept this reality,
please use the link below to leave my list
and thus prevent yourself from hearing the
ugly truth.”

Isn’t that true for MLM as well? The few making the giant income
are not typical are they? 95% drop out. Still, we pretend…
At least Mr. Kern has become honest…will MLM leaders do the same?

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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks for sharing this article Kim. It is so true that for most people, you don’t start a business online and suddenly make millions of dollars. My first 2 years were very difficult and I well remember the struggles I went through.

    I am glad I listened to some experienced entrepreneurs and got my first blog up and active. Ever since then I have made some good income. Some years are better than others. The main principle is building a list because without a list, there is little chance I will have customers. Without customers, I cannot sell products or services. Without sales, I have no business.

  • Kim, I noticed that disclaimer from Frank on the e mail he sent promoting that same program. It struck a chord here since most of his video promotions and JV endorsements of the past did not reflect the intensity he displayed here. Frank has that sphere of influence includes the likes of Tony Robbins, etc…possibly they will all learn a different approach to their promotions, keeping the positive spin, but acknowledging the truth that today’s business requires

  • I absolutely Love Frank Kern’s approach and his honesty. He truly is one of the best when it comes to Internet Marketing. I think we in the industry can learn a lot from his disclaimer! It is so true that we are bound to experience failure (So fail fast!). It’s how we respond to it and learn from it that makes the difference.

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