The woman who couldn’t say NO

Today I met a woman who couldn’t say NO (TWWCSN)…

TWWCSN wanted to please everyone so she agreed to almost anything her family asked. And her friends, too. Over the years, she went bonkers trying to please everyone. She also signed up for several of their businesses (and disappointed all of them).

Anyway, today she came to Dr. Heidi’s Unstick.

“I’m totally on overwhelm!” she cried. “I can’t do anything the way I want and I have no motivation anymore!”

So she did a little exercise in the Unstick tele-class. Took about 15 minutes. She connected with herself and rediscovered what really mattered to her on most. You know, what she was really passionate about.

That gave her clarity. Once she was clear about what SHE wanted most, she created and prioritized her short list. She scratched off what didn’t fit her new vision.

Then a strange thing happened: her confidence magically reappeared. We all know what happens when you approach your life situations with complete confidence, yes?

As of today, TWWCSN swears she won’t be TWWCSN again. She’ll be chasing her own whims and dreams, consistent with HER values, not someone else’s.

P.S. Today was the third session of Dr. Heidi’s Unstick teleclass. Deliciously wonderful program for anyone who’s lost their own path and has been chasing the whims and dreams of others. If you want your own direction back, you’ll enjoy this. The audios will be ready later this week. Let me know if you’d like to notified when they’re done. Email me here. Subject: Unstick.

P.P.S. As a result of going through Unstick myself, I have finally decided to redirect my own career. Hehehe.

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  • Sounds like some pretty powerful motivation. It is hard to get out of the habit of always being the Yes Man (or woman). I had a breakthrough of sorts years ago and have not regretted it one single bit. I like being in charge and control of me and making sure I please myself. Sure once in a great while I will give in to others to make them happy but not anything that ever compromises who I am or what my goals in life are.

    if you recall from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes — “TOWANDA”

  • I’ve been stuck before in my life and it can be difficult to get moving again when you really don’t know what you want to do with your life.

    Having something like this can be a realy life changing experience. I think that the key is to keep moving once you are no longer stuck. You have to keep going or you can get stuck again.

    Amy Howard

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