The Wrong Approach?

Here are two questions Yahoo asked U.S. adults in a survey not long ago:

1. “What kind of work would you prefer to do late in life?

Over half (55%) want their own business. Other big groups want to do something that they 1) love (volunteer work, public service) and/or 2) help others do things they do well (consulting and teaching.)

Even more interesting is WHY they say they want their own business.

Given what these folks have said their reasons are, would you still lead with the big (or any) money? Of course you can lead with the product. But, if you were looking for a business type, how would you lead now, given how few want a business to “get rich” (3%)?

P.S. I posted about this when the study first came out, but I hadn’t created these cool tables then.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    Interesting results from the Yahoo study. It's pretty simple to connect network marketing with the first results of folks wanting to own their own business. The real key, however, is helping people see network marketing as a way to do the work they really love.

    Thanks for information.


  • Kim, I sound like a broken record lately. Saying the same thing over and over in blog posts, comments and on forums…

    "Find your passion and then find a way to make money with it."

    If you are truly passionate about what you do and have fun with it … the money will follow 🙂

  • Hi Kim,

    I agree with Steve. The results of the survey are not surprising, especially to anyone who has been following you for any length of time.

    But more difficult issue is how to connect network marketing as a way to do the work they love.

    Would love to have you do an article about that some time.

  • Dear Kim,

    Own my own business doing the work that I love?

    Network Marketing as a whole does not promote this as the unique selling proposition of our industry. Everything I see all points to "lifestyle".

    So definitely YES our industry generally teaches the wrong approach. I choose to talk about the wonderful benefits our industry affords an individual who will put in consistent work. Things like tax savings, retirement income streams, personal satisfaction of helping others improve their quality of life, personal growth, flexible work hours, limitless earning potentional are a few that readily come to mind.

    To say that a person is going to love every aspect of out business just because they are passionate about it is silly. For me the passion comes from realizing that this business model can be my vehicle to take me to where I want to be and away from where I don't want to be. This makes the journey far more enjoyable.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • If you are looking for consumers lead with your product. But with the people who responded to the Yahoo survey I would lead with the business. Even though most did not want to get rich, the business is what will allow them to have the time and financial means of fulfilling their dreams.

  • Hi Kim,

    You know this survey doesn't surprise me one bit.

    Something happens to us when we get on the other side of 50. The living on borrowed time factor sets in and our bucket lists get redefined.

    So to answer your question, I don't lead with the money or the product anymore. I prefer to lead with the freedom that comes with residual income. That freedom enables a person to make whatever size heap they desire and the freedom to do what they love.

    We all have the ability with MLM to redefine the Golden Years for so many.

    Thanks Kim for the info!

    Keep the Faith,

  • Hello Kim,

    Great post! And so relevant that it's like missing the pink elephant in the room.

    I love it.


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