“There’s a downside…”

“There’s a downside,” said Lulu…

Sales people – that being anyone who offers something they want someone else to buy – normally accent only the positives.

“This skin care cream is amazing, the greatest, awesome, groundbreaking, etc. etc,” says Lulu.

Since we ALL expect this, much of this praise falls on jaded ears. Everyone says all that stuff about whatever they’re selling (or “sharing” if you prefer).

So here’s something that ALWAYS gets someone else’s attention.

Mention a drawback. Every. Product. Has. A. Drawback. Every opportunity has a drawback. Being the first to mention it gives you tremendous credibility and encourages the listener to drop their “sales BS monitor” guard – somewhat.

Here’s an example…

You sell/share pills that help give you extra mental clarity.

After you say whatever usual positives…you might go, “Now there is a downside…”

Pause for effect as the other person goes into mild shock…

“Once in a while someone gets a headache the first day or two that they take it. That normally goes away but in case that happens, you won’t be surprised. And likely it won’t happen at all…”

Conditions are also effective trust builders.

I am running a pretty high end advanced Inviting program, and before a person can even SEE the sign up page they have to

1) Complete a question set so I know if they’re right for it,

2) Confirm they are

a) a happy learning machine,

b) convince me how much they want the change they’re coming into the program to get and a few other conditions, including confirming they can pay without stressing out.

That’s all before they ever even see the order page.

By the time a person goes there, it’s mentally already a done deal. And if they don’t “qualify” I don’t give someone the link. Why bother?

So go ahead and volunteer the downsides or conditions around your offer.

These unusual moves by you – the “seller” – builds trust and helps ensure it’s a good match for BOTH of you BEFORE the transaction is actually done (they put in CC info, etc.)

I’ve done it for decades.

PS EVERY product has downsides. That’s why there are SO many varieties of toothpaste. Or cereal. Or skin care. Or personal care products. But you have chosen your product anyway, because you care more about its advantages than it’s shortcomings (some of which you might not even be aware of (if you don’t know a log about products in that category).

That’s what we humans do. We choose based on OUR values. And we like hearing the downsides from someone who’s not usually revealing anything but the good points. 🙂

Make sense?

Ps Do you know how to get a silver tongue in 5 days?  Right here.  🙂

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