They know why you’re doing this

Why did you get into the business?

Did you need something to sell, so you’re doing it?

Did you need to make some money from home, so you found something to sell?

Did you discover something that wouldn’t let go of you, so you picked it up and now you’re running with it? (An idea, a product or a business that you’re out there telling the world about?)

Whatever your real reason is for selling what you sell, it comes through loud and clear to those to whom you are trying to sell it.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Kim this post comes at such a perfect time.

    I started with this product and company because I believed in both.

    Now I’m driven to help anyone who takes a multivitamin learn the possible harm synthetic multis cause.

    I’m not trying to convince people to buy anything. I’m on a mission to eventually get synthetic vitamins off the market and get whole food multis a common name. There are some good whole food multis available and when people see the harm the synthetic ones can cause we will see many new whole food multis. My goal is to educate.

    The reason I say the timing of this post is perfect; I had a fellow blogger post about my “Cause” on his blog. He’s one of the people who are on the fence about taking supplements. In his post he says I’ve helped him to re-think the need for supplements.
    Read his post here.

    I’ve grown so much in the past 7 months and I’m happy that my Real reason for doing what I do is loud and clear.


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