Three Facebook Marketing Tips

Seems everyone is scrambling to do “social media” marketing ‘n advertising. And facebook is one of the biggest social markets out there, with 500 million+ users.

Here are three tips from a gal who shows folks how to do facebook advertising. First rate but not cheap.

Tip 1: You MUST KNOW your audience. (So, um, not everyone.)

Tip 2: Use images in every ad. Not common stock photos everyone passes over entirely. Get cool angles if you want anyone to notice them.

Tip 3: The keywords to use. Those will be words your target audience uses to describe themselves. Not the words you use to describe them. (First date script, anyone?)

Tip 3 definitely states you better know your audience. If you don’t, and advertise to the wrong ones or to no one in particular, your ads won’t get any clicks. Then they’ll be be taken down by Facebook (FB). Because. FB makes money on ads too, and if no one clicks on your ads, they lose too.

Exercise. What are the habits of your perfect customer? What do they do regularly? (Hint, if you love love love your product or business, begin by listing your own habits as they relate to your product or business. Not your sales habits, but your life habits, what you eat and drink, your hobbies, TV or Internet stuff you see, movies you watch, what you read, groups you’re part of, etc.)

For example, say you have a weight loss product. The ads that trigger someone’s attention on FB are apparently not ‘weight loss’ – since those ads abound. Nobody clicks on them. Notice the words ‘weight loss’ (or super weight loss, etc) don’t describe a person’s habits. They describe the product. Wrong move on FB. And in marketing in general, unless your name is Apple or iPhone.

But, a reference to watching The biggest Loser (TV show) or a quote, I love Krispy Kremes, gets attention of people with weight loss on their minds. Why? Both describe habits (what they watch and what they eat) of your target audience.

NOTE. If you market an alternative weight loss product or program, say non-toxic, you’d have to add a habit (perhaps one of your own) that demonstrates that value in your life.

So it’s not: This weight loss product is alternative. Because that doesn’t describe a person’s habit. It’s a statement about the product, right? You’ll need words that describe a habit your ideal customer has that shows their alternative bent, so they connect with it.

Describing a person and their habits – your audience – is something you must learn to master. And you can learn to do it yourself, no question. It takes time and study, like anything else.

Describing your perfect customer by what they do (and how they describe themselves) happens to be a major focus of the new Helper-Healer Marketing program. Have you seen that here? In case you seek help with this, I’ll help you.

P.S. A helper-healer gets the large orders too, just like the recruiters do. But it’s done the helper-healer way for a helper-healer audience. That’s what you’ll learn to do here. Donald Trump’s money-first style isn’t the only way to influence the world and collect millions. Mother Teresa did too. She brought in cash and checks of $50,000+ on an almost daily basis – which she gave to her mission. Yep. If you’re a helper-healer type, you can have big success too, with less stress to boot because you’re being you. Check this out.

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