Know Thyself

Three rejections for being me…

I just got dinged again last week, and it reminded me of two other times…

#1. Twenty-four years ago. When I started in
my very first MLM, I got a surprise.

There were a few friends, one
in particular, who expressed shock and
disbelief when I called her to tell her about
“one of those things,”

“Kim! I can’t believe that YOU, with a Harvard
degree and with your background – that
YOU would do something as icky as MLM!
Please don’t do this. You’ll embarrass me and

She was a long term friend and acquaintance.
I did it anyway, and we’ve hardly spoken since.
24 years.

#2. Five years later I created my first humorous
audio, “So, You Want To Be a Networker?”

I was just beginning to introduce it to leaders
in a few companies, and one day I got a phone
call from this bubbly lady. She said she LOVED the audio,
had a giant organization, and wanted to buy 3,000
copies (!!!). I was psyched!

BUT. There was one thing holding her

Me: What?

Her: I don’t like the word “pukies” in the audio.
It’s offensive. You’d have to remove
those words if you want my order!

I was speechless. What to do?

That was by far the largest order I’d had.

I asked her to give me a day
or two to think about it.

Of course I fretted about whether I’d made
a big mistake using that word “pukies”.

I thought it was cool and fun. But.

Would I ever sell the tapes if “most” people
would feel like she did?

In the end, I left it in.

I called her to say I didn’t think the audios
would have the same effect if I took out those
words. She didn’t buy.  Sigh. I so needed that order!

A week later, I got a call from a gal with an even
BIGGER group. She who ordered several thousand
of the cassettes for immediate delivery to a cruise ship –
where her leaders were gathering for a big shindig.

The reason?  “Kim, we all LOVE the hilarious stories and
unexpected, fun language.  And Kim – WE ALL LOVE the pukies!”

I about cried with relief. I had naturally worried that being me –
using lots of humor and colorful examples – might mean
very few sales.

But instead, I’ve had a fabulous run. Very grateful.

After 14 years of just training and creating
audios, apps, books and other tools for network marketers,
I decided to get back into the field.

#3. One of the companies I’m testing is perhaps
the most reviled – and loved – around today.

And because I am testing it with some vigor
(added it to what I was doing), a reader and
NM friend got really upset.  Maybe some of
you will get upset too. So here’s that story.

How I lost a friend because of Empower Network.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, the video just shows a system that teaches people how to sell THE system etc, etc, etc

    Yes you end up with a list too but arguably of people looking for a quick fix – who may not be interested in your existing business.

    Can’t say I see the real ‘value add’?

    Also I presume the founders see a return selling you leads.

    I know it’s pennies to join but it doesn’t feel like all is disclosed?!

  • Hey Pat C,

    The value-add is educational programs. People pay for education, whether they go to Harvard or learn how to market on the Internet. So these guys sell five online programs that teach a person how to market online – from nuts and bolts to personal development and leadership skills. They just happen to pay exponentially more
    when a person sells these programs than other network marketing companies do.

    Before you are allowed to sell them and earn anything, you have to be a customer. That’s something I’ve advocated from day one in my network marketing career of 24 years.

    If someone wants to set up a business offering these programs to others, or they want to learn how to market any product or program online, these are first rate programs that do this job.

    Having bought many of the major gurus’ Internet marketing programs, these are just first rate in
    comparison. That’s why I recommend them and learn from them every day myself.

    I created an orange blog here that has some info – without the ridiculous hype – here.

    Thanks for the question, Pat!

    The company doesn’t sell leads.

  • Congratulations Kim, it’s always good to move in the direction that promises what you’re looking for. And we all know how to change directions if it doesn’t pan out. Great stuff Kim your the best!

  • Kim, exciting when you answer a challenge!
    How is it some can know sooo much about that which they’re not knowledgeable? – evidenced in their questions and opinions.
    With your brilliant brain, sharp wit, honed common sense, as well as seeing both the trees and the forest, your answers furnish fun! and foundational learning.
    Kim, thank you! Carolyn

  • You have shown your spunk before, so your story is no surprise. My question on NWM
    Is which companies have the best models for success, which don’t, and how do we now the difference? I started with SOC, love the product, but am not comfortable with
    their business model. I discovered Lyoness who as no product and has a unique business model. Any feedback you care to offer?

  • Dave,

    Depends on what you like doing. No matter what they say, making money with MLM or Network Marketing requires that you get orders. Period. However you do that. Personal contacts, cold market, paid advertising online and off, social media…

    Everything you do must be focused on bringing in orders. So figure out WHAT you like marketing that you stand behind, and then, the ways you want to market that your budget allows.

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