Time for Some Old School MLM?

Guest post by Andrew Murray

I’m a marketer.  In fact, I consider myself more of an internet marketer
than a network marketer, but perhaps that why it’s so important
for somebody like me to come out and admit
something about the network marketing industry.

In order to succeed in network marketing, you need to talk to prospects.
AKA people.

That’s right, pick up the phone and dial a phone number of somebody else;
have a conversation. If you’re cold calling, you won’t know if the person on
the other end will be rich or poor.  Successful or unsuccessful.  A good prospect
or a weak prospect.

And you can’t tell by their name.  Trust me.  I’ve tried that.

I’ve called A LOT of leads.

When I started in this industry, I had ZERO skills.  No marketing background.
No warm market.  No sales skills.

Of course I was pitched by people who play to our fear of talking to other people.
You see this in all kinds of information products and software they claim will somehow,
magically, make you money and grow your MLM business – all without ever having
to talk to people about your business. I say phooey. No one ‘secret’ ever did anything
for me.  You?

Your  #1 income-producing activity is TALKING to people.

If you’re not talking to people, you won’t make any money in this business.

Yes, you can have a presence on and visit Facebook, have a blog or Twitter account.
You can get someone started online first, so they can determine, without pressure,
that your business is real. they can also decide if it fits who they are –
BEFORE you talk to them.

MLM success is not about buying a bigger Twitter list or buying Facebook likes, or
doing SEO on an impersonal website.

The most successful people in the industry talk to the most people.

Talking to leads DEVELOPS your ability to build rapport and close prospects. Like Emerson
said, “Do the thing, get the power.”  Do it over and over and over and over.  You’ll get good.

You NEED to learn how to talk to people – leads.  And you learn that through people like Kim Klaver
(Yes, I cut my teeth on some of her audios like “How To Build A Giant Heap”.) For iPhone users,
that’s here.  Android users, here.  And for regular computer types with no “smart phone”, it’s here.

And you do it through practice.  Picking up the phone, and committing every day
to honing the skills that will enable you to become a top earner in the network marketing industry.

That’s what I’ve done these past years.  And it has finally paid off.

Just last month, I was the #1 recruiter in my primary network marketing company – which has a
whole whack of known “players” in it.  And I did it by being on the phone and talking to people.
I talked to more prospects that month than I had in a long time. Many were experienced
network marketers.

Success in network marketing is based on one thing: Put your opportunity in front of
as many people a day as you can.  And hopefully as many right ones as possible; then
you’ll learn what it takes to make it in this business. Even call people you’re afraid to call –
after you’ve made your first 100 calls or so.  Do it consistently.

If you’re not seeing the kind of results you’d like to see….Give talking to people a try.

by Andrew Murray

PS If you like what you’ve read, I invite you to take a FREE 60-Day Marketing course from me,
Andrew Murray, here.

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    • Hey Bones,

      You have something you’d like to post? I’ll consider it. I thought this was a good message. Didn’t really check the link at the end…

      • Oh! Hey- I didn’t realize you had responded- ok! I’d be happy to write something for your blog- I’m honored. It is a nice post, but really- it’s just an excuse to send people to that link.

        I would like to know what you think of the link that you inadvertently promoted to your “alternative MLM list”. Do you think there’s value? It just looks like a new way to distract and siphon distributors to me.

  • The very first thing I was tought in my company almost 10 years ago is the key to success is “Use-Wear-Talk”

    Use the products, Wear the button (or anything that says you’re in business) and Talk to people

    We are teaching this for the last 30 years. The only things that have changed are the means. We used to talk to people only face to face or on the phone – now we have skype and video conferencing, but the “Use-Wear-Talk” hasn’t changed and it still produces great results.

    Great post,

    Theodore from Greece

  • Good message for MLM. I work online with affiliate marketing and have never had to call someone. I guess that’s the difference in MLM and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is more a customer based business and I make my sites for products only.

    And I’ve seen the Empower Network video going around.

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