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From Startups in 13 Sentences

4. “Understand your users (customers/prospects).

“You can envision the wealth created by a startup business as a rectangle.
One side is the number of users and the other is how much
you improve their lives.

The second dimension is the one you have most control over.
And indeed, the growth in the first will be driven by how well you
do in the second.  As in science, the hard part is not answering
questions but asking them: the hard part is seeing something
new that users lack. The better you understand them the
better the odds of doing that. That’s why so many successful
startups make something the founders needed.”

I made a picture…

We are all users of stuff and ideas.  We know from our own lives that we
buy or do whatever because we hope the thing will improve our lives.
Say you have a health product for Lulu.  How will you make her life better,
from her point of view (feel free to ask her)?

1. A breakdown of the science of the product? OR
2. A product demo Lulu can personally experience?

How about a recruit? What would improve his life more:

1. Hearing details of the pay plan? OR
2. Experiencing his first sale, with you right there?

Any other experiences you can offer (or have offered) prospective
users and recruits that would improve THEIR lives?

I plan to set up a submission area where folks can submit ideas they
have for ways to offer experiences that improve users’ lives. We’ll
let readers vote – which ones might best improve someone’s life.
Then we can start a list from which all readers can draw.  You like?


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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, that sounds like a great idea… I love it!

    Many times, all we need to rev up our own creative juices is to read or see other people’s ideas, inventions or creations. We also come up with ways of doing things by needing those things in a pinch and our minds instantly… out of necessity, figure out a quick fix, which turns out to be exactly what someone else may need too.

    I can’t think of anything right off hand as an example, but I am sure looking forward to you and your readers posting their comments and ideas to get my own thoughts flowing.

  • I’m excited Kim, because you described me perfectly! I gain more confidence every time I hear you speak, and I learn from all these examples you use. I’m looking forward to your next video.

  • This is helpful to me in that it helped me realize that people whom I bring into the business are my users, and they are not all the same, especially in what they are comfortable with in talking about the business to people they know. Learning that for each individual and using it instead of a “mandated” script, combined with joint, supportive contacting, could encourage more profitable activity such as launches, earlier?

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