Top 25 Network Marketing Companies: Week 1

Below are the results of this week’s popularity contest for the Top 40 Network Marketing Companies. It was first 25, but has become the Top 40 due to popular demand.

The ranking is based on the number of visitors to their company sites, tracked weekly by Alexa, the #1 traffic ranker on the Internet.

The number to the right of each company’s name is its Alexa rank. The lower the number, the better – Success University is the top ranked (1) at 2,225 and Cognigen is the bottom at 4,380,0505.

The Top 40 Network Marketing Companies: Week 1 below are listed from #1 (most visited) to #40. There are hundreds more with substantial traffic, but not enough to make the top 40.

Sources for companies I included were the DSA listing of their members and Ty Tribble’s mlmblog.

If your company doesn’t appear and you think it should, use the Comments below. I will update this list every week on Saturday.

1. Success University 2,225
2. Avon 3,515
3. Usana 5,447
4. Quixtar 7,315
5. Melaleuca 8,288
6. Mary Kay 9,082
7. Prepaid-Legal 9,347
8. Arbonne 12,398
9. Herbalife 20,969
10. Scent-Stations 20,999
11. Juvio 22,033
12. Shaklee 22,614
13. Tupperware 23,637
14. Freelife 23,803
15. Xooma Worldwide 25,342
16. YTB Travel 25,581
17. NuSkin 25,586
18. Isagenix 28,983
19. Tahitian Noni 29,013
20. AmeriPlan 32,508
21. Xango 34,262
22. Liberty League 36,127
23. Pampered Chef 37,447
24. Sunrider 37,455
25. ACN 39,419
26. 4Life 45,895
27. Ecoquest Intl 46,309
28. Amway 47,545
29. M2C Global 50,116
30. Creative Memories 52,768
31. Big Planet 54,885
32. Mannatech 56,365
33. Watkins 56,866
34. Forever Living 60,408
35. Amigo Health 68,669
36. Nikken 69,641
37. Primerica 69,655
38. Healthy Pet Net 73,736
39. Pharmanex 73,938
40. Neways 76,767
41. Nature’s Sunshine 60,408
42. Immunotec 81,334
43. Send Out Cards 86,513


If I overlooked your company and you think you belong in this list, use the comments below and I’ll update promptly.

P.S. Our top 7 companies outrank GNC (9,899), and Whole Foods (10,685), and our top eight outrank Trader Joe’s (20,344). Think we’ll get more respect if our friends know about this?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, Thanks for this list. I was so happy to see that the company I represent is close to the top.


  • Well, heck… truth is, I hate lists. They’re misleading by nature (I mean, just try to defend the science of the ranking… whoa mama! more variables than ways MLMers change light bulbs.) So, I’ve quite doin’ em, posting ’em.

    That written, what intrigues me on this list is that being below 100,000 is the benchmark for a ‘leading’ website by some (consider the ultra million/billion websites in the world). Look at how many of ‘our team’ made the cut. I think that’s impressive. You…?

  • I decided on this list because anyone can verify – AND the Internet is where most searching for stuff, from health to home businesses, takes place.

    I agree entirely. The top 10 NM companies on this list do better in attracting visitors than the WalMart site at 23,456.

    This is the best evidence I can offer anyone who’s skeptical about our profession: Check out all the activity on these websites proven by their rankings – people out there want to know about their products, and their career alternatives.

    We do rock. Yea!!

  • Rebecca- Isagenix is #28!

    Denise – it’s not visitors, which cannot be independently verified – it’s the Alexa traffic rating the site gets. πŸ™‚

    I’ll check it though…KK

  • Kim, I looked it up on Alexa. 50,166 is the rating that M2C Global has on Alexa, not the number of visitors. πŸ™‚

  • I don’t understand why Unicity Int’l (formerly Rexall Showcase Int’l and Enrich Int’l) was not on the list. How does a company get on the list?

    Jackie Houle

  • Oh my! Kim, you’ve opened a very interesting can of worms here. Fun though, and YES – we certainly do rock, don’t we?

    Just because my company hasn’t joined the DSA (although we’re five years old, a public company and blah blah blah – trying to not do a commercial is difficult) … was no reason to leave us off the list.

    YTB Travel and Cruises should be NUMBER 13, between Freelife (#12) and Nuskin (#13), since YTB’s number on Alexa is 25,581.

    Remarkable considering that our travel sites probably get more traffic than the business site – (the one that should be #13).


  • Denise – I checked too, and your company is on the list…

    Jackie – Unicity’s rank today is 1,260,573 – the site has to get anough traffic so that ranks it better than 56,365, which is where #25, Mannatech, is right now. That Unicity site is probably new and doesn’t get lots of traffic yet after the merger. No doubt that will change and I will update this list every week!

    Susan – your company is ON now…

    Walter – Amway and Quixtar are related, but both sites rated so they each earned a spot. πŸ™‚

  • Drum roll….

    The network marketing company that should have been #1 on your list is….Success University! with an Alexa Rank of 2,225!

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see that World Ventures, a travel company, and Veretekk, a marketing system used by many network marketers, are also ranking well…World Ventures.Biz at 73,433, which is pretty good for a new company, and Veretekk at 17,561.

  • Howdy,
    Does it make a difference if the company has the reps log in from the homepage instead of a back office page? I know Usana used to have a back office site (unitoday) and then about a year ago encouraged their reps to start using the log in on their home page. Would this impact the rankings or is this simply a list of the most searched for MLM companies?


  • Anonymous 1: I checked the Success U and they’re now on the list – at #1.

    Anonymous 1: Doesn’t matter now, the site I used was so that’s likely the main site they get traffic on, per alexa. they’re pretty high up so you should be a happy camper.


  • I don’t understand why Ameriplan is not ranked when I checked the ranking their ranked 32,508 ameriplanusa.

  • At first I was surprised Ecoquest wasn’t on the list, then I remembered it’s against their rules to give out or mention the company website, except with one on one invitations. I’ve been told this is standard among many NWM companies, but I see from your list that isn’t quite true.I’ve been on the receiving end of media relations wrath for mentioning the company in a BB post, I’m signing this anonymous, just in case.

  • How about Forever Living Products? They are the largest private company in the state of Arizona with over 2 billion in annual sales. They are also the world’s largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of both aloe vera products and bee products. Would certainly seem worthy of the top 25 MLM companies, don’t you think?

  • How about Forever Living Products? They are the largest private company in the state of Arizona with over 2 billion in annual sales. They are also the world’s largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of both aloe vera products and bee products. Would certainly seem worthy of the top 25 MLM companies, don’t you think?

  • Carolyn – Nature’s sunshine IS now on the list #36.

    Steven – Forever Living is there now – #31. Remember this is based on their Internet traffic as ranked by, not whether we think they’re “worthy” or not. πŸ™‚

    anonymous: is a back door Rep page and so it will not be on this list. There’s no way for anyone to see who the company is from this web page. The companies included here have to show the public a web page so they can see who and what the companies are about. This page does not do that. Is there another webpage the company has that IS accessible to the public we can check?

  • Janet–

    Glad to see you using this list to give your company added credibility…that’s part of the idea of this ranking – to show the world that NM holds its own in the business world and on the Internet.

  • Hi Kim,
    What about the new company OnPoint Direct? We have wanted products and help non-profits with their fundraising efforts!

  • Kathy-
    Here’s the info on about this company as of July 2, 2006:
    Traffic Rank: 2,080,896

    You can go to anytime and enter the company website and see it’s ranking.


  • Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the list. Can you tell me if and where Warm Spirit ranked on the list? Out of curiousity, what drives people to sites like these?

  • Okay, here is another one for you Kim.

    Vmdirect ranks 245,035 but their actual products website ranks 9,490 in Alexa.

  • I know that these are the top 40 network companies in relation to hits, but what are the real top companies for good products, good compensation, easy selling to customers, low attrition, getting good repeat customers? I have had a hard time finding a good, good rating on Network Marketing Companies. One that is not bias because the rater is in a company… where can I find help, or can you list some and help some? What is the truth out there?

  • Liberty League International should appear at #20 on your list with 36,127. Although not a traditional MLM pay plan, they are a network marketing company and are in their 1-year waiting period with the DSA.

    Tony Rush

  • Hi Joyce –

    Warm Spirit is ranked at 549,972. You can check it by going to the rating company that ranks the traffic and reach of millions of sites on the net.

    Traffic is the thing most companies and bloggers seek to have…the higher traffic sites like the top 40 here probably have more reps who send prospects to the main sites…

    But your company is close – so check back and I’ll add it to my ‘watch’ list.


  • Tony–

    Libery League is there now…


    Step one is deciding what kind of product YOU want to market. Decide what YOU want to make money for – customers or recruiting? Do NOT rely on recruiters to tell you how great a company is. YOU try the product first, and see how easy it is to figure out what they pay for customers, as separate from sales reps.

    Figure that out, and post it here and likely you will get responses…


    Start with what YOU want. Not what someone else is sellling you…


  • Sorry, vmdirect uses as an enrollment portal. Alexa rank is 55,431, which qualifies it. Thanks.

  • Reliv’s not forgotten…but #40 on the list today is 86k right now…so likely when we grow to the top 50 it will qualify…Remember the lower the Alexa rank, the closer to #1 it is…

    Tom – checked on, and while it’s rank is 55,431 today, the site is not accessible. When it is, I will will include it in its proper place.

  • Hi Kim,

    Not seeing it on the list..checked Amigo Health on Alexa just now and here is what it showed for ranking…can you add us? Looks like today we’d fall in at #34.
    Traffic Rank: 68,669 – Site info

    Enjoy checking out the list each week!

    DJ Sartin

  • Hi Kim! Thanks for this awesome list! I just have to add my company to it to really make it complete though-Scent-sations Inc-the creators of the Mia Bella natural wax(veggie/soy/beeswax combo) triple scented, cleaner burning, soot free candle. I think the products, mgmt, and upline Leadership are great. or call:1 800 925-7177.Thanks! Diane.

  • DJ–

    amigo is on the list…:)

    Diane – if your company website ranks high enough on the Alexa system, I’ll add it. Remember you are selling it, so to others, your words won’t ring as true as they do to you. That’s why a list with a metric (alexa) anyone can verify is what we have.

    Do you know your company’s domain name? We can check it out…maybe it already qualifies…

  • How about VEMMA (Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, and Aloe Vera)?
    Traffic Rank for 295,542

  • Kim,

    I don’t really know how indicative of anything this list is. Keep in mind that many thousands of Networkers access their own company site several times a day for business and product info. This then is not new traffic. Just like a store whose employees walk in and out 10 times a day doesn’t generate new business.

  • Carol – the lowers rank is now about 86,000, so VEMMA is not quite there yet…that number needs to drop a bit…


    Maybe when we go to the Top 50. Remember the bigger that number (e.g. 200-300k) the lower the rank. Like #1 is highest, #10 million is lowest.

  • Lana Hale said……………..
    I am disappointed to NOT see Legacy For Life in your top 40.They have been around for 8 years and certainly have fine products and a great comp plan…See what you can do…
    Lana Hale

  • Lana–

    Of course I know about Legacy for life. The website site I have for it is:

    But that ranking by Alexa is pretty low now:
    ‘Traffic Rank for 3,230,046’

    Do you have any other domain that is more used by Legacy for Life?


  • Hi Kim,
    Please check your NuSkin link. doesn’t work.


    HuSkin. Pharmanex and Big Planet are all a part of NuSkin Enterprises, (NSE) their combined traffic should be rolled into one company and then rated.
    Thanks for your work. Have a happy summer! Sarah in Ft Lauderdale ciao

  • Sarah:

    Link fixed, thanks. I realize Nuskin has those 3 divisions, but each one has its own Alexa rating, so people appear to come to those sites separately. I thought they deserved their own spots on the list for that reason. But I will speak to NuSkin corporate and then see if this needs to change…

    Thanks for the tip!

    Happy summer back to you!

  • I decided to take a look at our site, and was surprised and delighted to find that we are in the top 100,000! Number 827550 to be precise (

    Not quite in your top 40 yet (!) – but now we’ve got a way to measure how we are growing, and we know that what we focus on has a habit of growing…

  • I suspect that Oasis LifeSciences will show more traffic at – Alexa Ranking: 109,574 and rising…

    Might even make the top 50

    Great list and I am kicking myself that I didn’t think of it!!!

    You are Diva of MLM!

  • Alexa lists HealthyPetNet as 72,131. So I think we should be on the list! Thanks so much — this is all very interesting and fun.
    By the way, Alexa is listing the corporate site, so companies that have replicator sites for each Rep, actually rate higher.

  • Hi!


    We’re set and is on the Top 40 list.

    We don’t do landing pages, enroller sites, or rep sites. These are all corporate sites as far as we can tell. If not, we’ll change it.


  • Hi Kim,
    I wanted to point out that Leaving Prints should be given consideration – it might make the top 50 list.

    LP is ranked at 247,803.

    While I know it is not a good enough number to make the list right now, I would like to emphasize that we are only 3 yrs old and are we are part of the DSA. Of all the scrapbooking companies out there, we are one of only 3 associated with the DSA!


    Sue Massucci

  • Thanks, Kim, for checking out those companies. Again, I am not involved with either of the two I mentioned, but since the criteria is ‘traffic’, it’s only fair to include companies that meet that criteria.

    Here’s my concern- just because companies are getting the most hits doesn’t mean that they are ‘legitimate’ companies that will create long-term residual income for those involved.

    In fact, I would be willing to ‘bet’ that some of the companies on the Top 40 list will not be here for the long haul (I think some definitely will be), or that the ‘average Joe’ will be making a profit.

    Having been a top 1% earner with two companies that very likely, in the past 3-5 years, would have been included in the Alexa Top 40 list, based upon traffic, but today, are not (and are currently not viable opportunities), I question this ranking.

    Bottomline, I don’t believe that traffic indicates long-term viability.

    And, just in case anyone reading this post might think I have sour grapes because my company wasn’t listed; in reality, the company I have chosen to affiliate with (after 12+ companies in my trial-and-error search) is in the very top percentage of the ranking!

    Tricia Bard

  • I’m with John Fogg on the relevance and value of lists.

    The numbers are easily manipulated. Just get your network members to all log onto the company site 10 times each and you blow it off the scale. Or set up bot scripts to do it for you.

    As long as people understand that these are very, v-e-r-y rubbery figures they should be okay. But nothing beats due diligence.

    It reminds me of the company that still touts itself as #1 on one magazine’s “Top 20” companies list. Unfortunately, word soon got out that #1 on the list was the company that paid the most money to the magazine, and that, by the time the list appeared in print, FIVE of the so-called “Top 20” had gone out of business!

    What was it Mark Twain said?

    “There are three types of lies… lies, damned lies and statistics.”

    Seems to me he missed a fourth: lists that are open to abuse.


  • Hi Trish:

    Glad that despite your comments here, you are considering the Find-a-Rep program associated with the Top 40 list.

    While I agree that traffic may not indicate long term viability (think the dot-com bust), it is interesting to note that most of the top 40 here are the major, long term companies in our industry to date, from Nuskin to Melalueca to Arbonne, and most of the others. they’ve ALL been around 5 years or more.

    THAT is what gave me confidence in using this listing metric…when I looked at the list, except for a handful, they’re the major, long termers in our business.

    And while there is no doubt that a few of them will disappear (which we’ll be the first to note here) it’s also true that NO company of any kind, network marketing or other, will guarantee any ‘average Joe’ or ‘average Sue’ success.

    Nothing does that for anyone.


  • John —

    I agree nothing predicts anything. We don’t know the future for sure.

    However, nearly all of these companies in the Top 40 (I know yours isn’t there yet) have been around for 5 years+ and are the core of the DSA membership. THAT is what gave me the confidence to use this metric.

    There might be a very small handful that would jack their numbers the way you suggest, but the good ones don’t have time.

    If this list were a bunch of unknowns, I’d never have published it.

    But it isn’t…they’re the core of the network marketing industry today, most in business for 5+ years.

    So check the list before damning it, I say.

    I’m planning an ‘up and coming’ list for the cool new ones…maybe you’ll be there…:)

  • Go to and on that site they explain ratings and how they arrive at them… a mlm ws domain site has a 3 month average alexa rating of 2,817 and a MLM lead generation system and marketing system has a 3 month alexa rating of 17,437..great site and great training on a live voip site…has a little learning curve but a lot of training every day…Lennie

  • Hi Kim!

    You say:

    I’m planning an ‘up and coming’ list for the cool new ones…maybe you’ll be there…:)

    Hope we at Goldshield Elite (nearly 3 years old in present format, but core company started in 1980’s by Harry Hersey, elected by DSA to Hall of Fame last month)can make the “up and coming” list too!

  • What about Emerald Pasport Inc. They say they are not an MLM but they look like one. Where do they stand in the rankings?

  • Seracher girl… is not rated, says You can go there and see that for yourself…

    Shelagh…yes indeed we’d consider your company for the up and comers…

  • Did you forget Passion Parties… here is a copy paste from the search on Alexa I did….I hope this is what you are looking for~
    Passion Parties Inc.

    About this site:

    Traffic Rank: 268,561
    Sites that Link here: 69
    Speed: Fast (1.5 seconds)
    Online Since: 04-Nov-1996

    Let me know what you think!

    Val Kellogg

  • Ahhh, best thing that could happen is my company is not on this list…Virtually unknown. Thanks!!

  • I believe a better title for your listing would be:

    Top 40 Visited Network Marketing Websites

    … rather than Top 40 Network Marketing Companies.

    Can we really say that a company is awesome just
    because they have alot of traffic to their site?
    Could be an issue of their distributors spamming
    the world driving worthless traffic to the site.
    A much better benchmark for Top company ranking would be:

    Years in Business
    Private or Public company
    Product sales in Millions / Billions
    Executive Staff
    Technology potential
    etc ..

    Website visitors seems a bit
    shallow for a designation of Top MLM Company.


    Todd Thompson

  • I do both AVON and Fuller Brush. I HATE it when people go to AVON’s site to sign up. WE are in network marketing. Whenever anyone goes to the company, they are signed up by the company and all of us loose out.

  • Reading through the various comments on traffic to a particular website and will that company be there long-term is interesting to me. When you have gone through your personal list, the internet provides you a new option. If people can not find your company how will they get to know you?

    Please to see the compnay I work with is on the verge of the top 40 and is not in it’s 10th year. Using the interent is a new tool to help all. Promote and use all of the tools your company has available. Don’t be left behind.

    Robert Stephens

  • This must not be accurate because you left out the #2 Network Marketing business ranked according to Alexa: Global Domains International is ranked 2,817. The main site is

  • Kim,

    As an Independent consultant for Tastefully Simple, I was surprised that the company was not on the list. But, I was glad to see another business venture of mine was listed, YTB Travel.

    Angela πŸ™‚

  • Kim,

    As an Independent consultant for Tastefully Simple, I was surprised that the company was not on the list. But, I was glad to see another business venture of mine was listed, YTB Travel.

    Angela πŸ™‚

  • Please fix the link for Pampered Chef when you click on it it says our site is under construction and it is not it is very much a working website.

    TR in Maryland

  • Todd –

    Thanks for your view. These are most subjective criteria aren’t they – and predictive of nothing for sure.

    E.g. Your: Length of time in business:

    Google has been around 4-5 years, and they’re now huge! GM has been around for almost a century, and losing money and laying off people.

    Nothing predicts with any guarentee, is the point.

    Seems to me what matters is what the person thinks is important.

    I like start-ups, for example, others like established companies. Neither predicts much, both types fail, and make it.

    So perhaps the criteria are more personal…depending on what’s important to the person looking.


  • Checking into some of the suggested companies. However, affiliate programs are not network marketing companies. They pay one or two levels, this should be multi-levels of pay, that’s what makes it an mlm type company.

    We’ve added obvious companies like Agel and Tastefully Simple, Healthy Pet Net, though a few are still being studied for inclusion.

    The idea is to have legit NM companies, and while every company has reps that are good, and not good, the rankings show that thousands of people are visiting these sites. Yes, of course for some that includes existing reps, but that’s true for all, so it evens out.

    Check SAT July 8, after NOON ET to see who made the Top 50 for the week.


    We’ll do a post on the popular Find-a-Rep program this week, also. It’s for the tens of thousands using this list to look for a NM company, and reps can list themselves by company…

    Details in a post in the next few days.

  • Kim,

    Awesome stuff you have put together here! By informing the masses of the top affiliate companies it will help people get into the winners and save them alot of research time!

    I am a Director with Success University, #1 on your list! We are growing very fast and the instructors inside the site teach you the time tested methods of success!

    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your site and enjoyed seeing everyone so excited to be brightening their own futures!
    Awesome stuff!

    Everyone work hard and make your future become a reality!

    To everyones success and see you on top!

    William Connelly
    Director, Success University

  • Kim I understand exactly the point of why you’re doing this! It’s to edify our industry and I think it’s an excellent idea! We all know how incredible our industry is but there’s still some stigma attached to MLM so anything we can all do to show credibility for the ENTIRE industry as a whole is admirable in my book! The more we support EACH other the more credible our industry will be and grow don’t you think?

    Thanks for all you do!
    Sue Seward

  • Hi Kim,

    Great that you put out such a list. I wanted to ask you something about the Melaleuca ranking. Do you just go by the main site alexa ranking? Because non of us market executives use that site to market. We all have our own approved sites by other webmasters. For example, all “Stayin Home and Loving sites are affiliated”, all of the “M.O.M. teams” sites, etc. Are these also included determining popularity? The difference is companies such as Success University, and USANA provide their reps with the exact same sites so the alexa ranking would be cumulative for all of them. Just curious.


  • Kim,
    Does your ranking count visits to “mirror sites” created by
    Amazon Herb Co. for each of the active business-builders, or just visits to the main corporate site? (for example, is a visit to counted as a visit to Amazon Herb Co.’s site?)
    Art Atkinson Vital Strategies LC

  • Your list seems to be in the wrong order. The #1 company has less visits then the #43 company.

    Great idea though espeically since my company is ranked very well. Always knew I was doing the right thing and now it’s confirmed.

  • Those numbers to the right of each company are NOT traffic, but the rankings. Out of 10 million sites, where would you rather be ranked – at 5,000 or 10,000 or 300k?


  • Hello My name is Pam I am from the UK. I think the opportunity I am involved with should be on the list as we are expanding across mainland Europe and want to get our opportunity shown to people in the countries we trade in. The compnay name is Kleeneze “European Home Retail”

  • Hi Kim, Would you please check out Jafra Cosmetics International. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary in August. Thank you. Laura

  • According to today’s ranking: – Site info:Traffic Rank: 1,626,885

    So not quite there yet. The lower the number, the closer to #1 (= best) it is…


  • Hi Laura:

    Alexa’s Traffic Rank for today: 359,886

    So they’re getting closer to #1…


  • Kim, Alexa doesn’t hold any credibility with me at all because manipulating it to get lower rankings is very old news and many sites and webmasters know how to do this easily. To test this, I myself brought one of my websites’ Alexa rankings down from 1.5 million to 200,000 within a few weeks just using one simple trick. Just go to and type in the search phrase “manipulating Alexa” and you will get thousands of pages teaching you how to do this, as well as many webmaster and search engine optimization sites discussing these techniques.

    So, sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles – Alexa rankings for any one company doesn’t mean squat anymore except to the uninitiated. In fact, most web-based businesses avoid using their Alexa rankings in marketing their sites because a number ranking in Alexa has become a joke among the internet community; if you use it to tout how “popular” your site is, you’re actually showing how ignorant you are about Alexa.

    Like John Fogg says, ranking lists are very misleading, and Alexa’s rankings is one of the most misleading, unfortunately!

  • Hi Sunny:

    Thanks for your comments. I realize that statistics can be used for good and bad. I think we’ve all learned that people can manipulate them, and do.

    In this situation, I personally believe that the network marketing companies on this list, of whom I work with all but two, do not spend their time trying to manipulate their alexa rankings. I suspect most of them don’t even know what it is.

    So yes, I realize these can be manipulated with fake traffic, but I am going with my gut in believing that these companies are not doing that.

    My ultimate test of any list, though, is this:

    Who is on it?

    Are they whom one would expect?

    These are nearly all the established companies. Even the runner-up are known and have been around.

    To me, the fact that the TOP 50 NM companies all rank at 112k or less, which is in the top 1-2 percent of websites ranked by Alexa, this is a GOOD thing for our industry.

    Do you really think that because a small percent of cheats uses fake number to jack up their ratings, maybe to get more advertising dollars temporarily, that all these companies are doing that too?

    I don’t believe it, because I know most of these companies and many of their reps. So I’m sticking with it until a better metric comes along.

  • Sunny I also notice you are just starting your blog.

    Good luck with that. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.

  • Kim Great Stuff, my companies Alexa ranking isnt that high so it does not make the list. Still though lots of good info, as to list manipulation comments, I do not think anyone was saying that this was a criteria(or the only crtieria)on which to evaluate a home biz. It does help change peoples perception of NM. The sheer numbers can help demonstrate to prospects just how mainstream NM, MLM is becoming!

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