Top 40 NM Start-Ups: Week 30

Top 40 NM Start-Ups: Week 30.

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The current Top 50 Network Marketing Companies represents the most highly trafficked companies online, as rated each day and updated each week by Alexa. The Top 50 are also 5 years old or more.

Next Top 40 Start-ups update: Monday, January 28, 2008.

Top 40 Start-Ups list.

Network Marketing companies with 1) the highest internet traffic as ranked by Alexa, AND 2) that are LESS than five years old as of the date of the update. That data is also obtained from Alexa for each company. We are adding more companies to this list.

Alexa, while not perfect by any means, is the most widely used tracking service for website rankings since 1996. Alexa ranks millions of websites.

Rank 1 is the highest; Rank 10 million the lowest.

NOTE: When you click on a company, you will usually get some live humans who are independent reps for that company. Those folks are all members of Network Marketing Central (NMC) or the iGaggle Network. For a company that has no NMC member yet, you will go directly to that company page.

  1. My Power Mall 17,952
  2. Send Out Cards 48,405
  3. Agel 54,928
  4. Freedom Rocks 59,926 (+1)
  5. Photo Max 60,161 (-1)
  6. Mona Vie 73,661
  7. Wealth Masters International 103,203
  8. Acai Plus 170,453 (+1)
  9. 4-Ecorp (Ethos Fuel Reformulator) 175,687 (-1)
  10. BookWise 192,153
  11. Waiora 194,166
  12. Max International 204,131
  13. Xooma Worldwide 218,365
  14. Vemma, Liquid Vitamins & Minerals 250,450
  15. Ignite 254,663 (+1)
  16. Fruta Vida International 264,179 (-1)
  17. Citizenre 286,509
  18. Lifewave 303,403 (+1)
  19. The Limu Company 306,753 (+1)
  20. Burnlounge 313,053 (-2)
  21. MXI Corp 417,567
  22. Guardian International Travel 481,924 (+1)
  23. MyVideo Talk 521,455 (-1)
  24. One Group 545,389
  25. Amigo Health 912,606
  26. IGONET 1,021,705
  27. Goldshield Elite 1,270,897
  28. The Balance Company 1,280,398
  29. ViaViente 1,642,313
  30. ExcelaWash 4,135,538
  31. Yoffi Fine Jewelry 4,458,268

It’s now the Top 40 Start ups. Comment below if we missed you, and include the company website URL. We’ll check it right out and add it if appropriate. We try to be perfect, but if not, please give us the fix you think we should make.

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  • Hi Kim,
    I’m in a new (since Aug) MLM called Zrii. We sell a juice formulated from 5 fruits and 2 herbs by Intergrative Medical Dr’s, some with Ayruvedic training and Nutrional Researchers. The web-site is:
    Thank you for all your informative e-mails. Stella

  • Guardian International Travel has not been paying their reps and are currently under investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office.

  • OceanGrown International is a start-up with the backing/infrastructure of an established company already operating in over 30 countries. It features ocean-based products that contain Fucoxanthin – a fat burner in OceanBreakers Burn – apricot-mango flavored chewables. Great weightloss system.
    Ocean Grown International was recently featured as an up and coming company in the Direct Selling Digest.

  • Hi Kim – Thanks for the site I have found it to be very informative.

    I have just joined a newer MLM company that is one of the best I have ever seen. Unlike most MLM companies where you are selling a specific product to a target demographic with this company you are simply given a website where you can shop online for thousands of different products on hundreds of different sites that you are most likely already shopping from such as Target, Home Depot, Linen & Things, Expedia and so on.
    There is no overhead, no employees, no accounts payable/receivable and best of all no products to store. When you shop through your site you can save money and receive points from your shopping as well as the shopping of others in your network (these points add up to equal cash).

    Anyway, here is the site:

    It is growing really fast and I truly believe it will continue to do so.

    If anyone would like to contact me directly about it my e-mail is

    Thanks Summer

  • Hi…there is a wonderful company I'm with called NarcThatCar
    They are the MLM of the company Narc Technologies out of Dallas, Texas. The website is
    It is growing like wildfire and is very easy to do. It would be great to add to your list.

  • Made a mistake and typed in ‘had’ where I meant to say HAS. We are going strong. Working on fifth year in business. Distributors are paid first week of the month for previous month’s earnings.

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