*Top 40 NM Start-Ups: Week 32

Top 40 NM Start-Ups: Week 32.

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The current Top 50 Network Marketing Companies represents the most highly trafficked companies online, as rated each day and updated each week by Alexa. The Top 50 are also 5 years old or more.

Next Top 40 Start-ups update: Monday, May 5, 2008.

Top 40 Start-Ups list.

Network Marketing companies with 1) the highest internet traffic as ranked by Alexa, AND 2) that are LESS than five years old as of the date of the update. That data is also obtained from Alexa for each company. We are adding more companies to this list.

Alexa, while not perfect by any means, is the most widely used tracking service for website rankings since 1996. Alexa ranks millions of websites.

Rank 1 is the highest; Rank 10 million the lowest.

NOTE: When you click on a company, you will usually get some live humans who are independent reps for that company. Those folks are all members of Network Marketing Central (NMC) or the iGaggle Network. For a company that has no NMC member yet, you will go directly to that company page.

  1. My Power Mall 30,984
  2. Send Out Cards 47,016
  3. Mona Vie 68,529
  4. Agel 68,746
  5. Wealth Masters International 88,259
  6. Freedom Rocks 93,146
  7. Talk Fusion 114,661
  8. Max International 120,169
  9. Acai Plus 135,389
  10. Vemma, Liquid Vitamins & Minerals 170,309
  11. Waiora 188,744
  12. Ignite 246,216 (+1)
  13. Xooma Worldwide 247,370 (-1)
  14. BookWise 285,992
  15. MXI Corp 310,702 (+1)
  16. 4-Ecorp (Ethos Fuel Reformulator) 342,858 (-1)
  17. Citizenre 386,275
  18. Burnlounge 405,732
  19. Ad Calls 421,353
  20. One Group 422,321 (+2)
  21. Lifewave 429,803 (-1)
  22. The Limu Company 456,947 (-1)
  23. Fruta Vida International 524,486
  24. IGONET 563,640
  25. Noah’s Ark Workshop 676,639
  26. MyVideo Talk 730,454
  27. Candlewealth International 956,992
  28. Zenza Life Scliences 1,099,516
  29. Guardian International Travel 1,675,388
  30. Amigo Health 1,855,953 (+1)
  31. BioNovix 1,986,977 (-1)
  32. Cleure 2,229,566 (+3)
  33. Plexus Pink International 2,311,213 (-1)
  34. ViaViente 2,545,301 (-1)
  35. The Balance Company 2,937,153 (-1)
  36. GBG 3,686,526
  37. Natural Health Labs 3,987,705
  38. Yoffi Fine Jewelry 4,728,441
  39. ExcelaWash 5,068,166
  40. VitaLifeNetworks 8,388,607
  41. LifeFoods, LLC 8,388,607

It’s now the Top 40 Start ups. Comment below if we missed you, and include the company website URL. We’ll check it right out and add it if appropriate. We try to be perfect, but if not, please give us the fix you think we should make.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

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    One of the easiest MLM plans I have worked in my 30+ years of network markrting.

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  • Hi Kim –

    Nussentials, now has a ranking of 991,535. which should place us as #28.

    We’re giving 5% off the top to feed hungry kids here in the United States. Note: that’s 5% off the top of all sales, not of “profits” after everyone else takes their piece.

    Edie Elting
    Making Millions, Feeding Millions, Giving Millions

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    Our low fee for becoming an associate plus low monthly purchase requirements make us totally unique. Even if you don’t drink coffee you don’t want to miss this ground floor opportunity.

    John Zielinski

  • Hi Kim:

    I noticed on iGaggle that there is no mention of Zrii. It is very new to the market – less than a year – and its official launch is scheduled for May 2008. The energy about this product is just amazing! I would love to hear your opinion once you check out the site:

    A portion of profits also go to children’s charities.

    Thanks so much,

    Tanya K. Tinney

  • I was also surprised that I didn’t see JD Premium Products (formerly Jerky Direct). They have the best tasting Jerky around and is all natural and some organic.
    Find us at

    I am happy to see my power mall is #1. I signed up for it at the very beginning which was a little over a year ago. I was number 2115, I then signed up my 2 year old and now only promote his now. We have over 4,500 in our total organization with mine and his together. Find us at

  • Please check out

    The Alexa ranking for a 1 week average was 1,667,000 which is UP 949,552 over the last 3 months!

  • The lists are interesting from a position of Internet rankings, however, such a list is NOT a list of which company is the best in quality, services, support, etc. The fact is one company being better than another is a matter of personal preference for the marketer.

    The fact is even if I am in love with a company, its products, and even its compensation plan, others won’t be. A company can’t be all things to all people and there is no “best company” that meets the needs of everyone.

    The great news is these lists that Kim posts give you an understanding that the industry is strong with interest and there are making great strides in the industry. Plus, when you look at the diversity of companies and the product lines, we can be confident that this industry is prospering. When you look at the over 5+ years vs the start-ups, we see longevity and stability.

    TIP – The best business for you is the one that meets your wants and needs.

    IF your company is in not on the list, don’t worry and don’t feel you need to change companies. The fact is you can build the business you have right now and have great success, regardless of the rankings on the Internet searches. The secret is to focus from your strengths… what makes your business unique.

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