Top 50 Network Marketing Companies: Week 2 (7-8-06)

By popular request, here are the Top 50 Network Marketing Companies, based on on Internet popularity – number of visitors to the company websites. The highest ranked is #1, lowest #50. You can check your own company ranking by going to, and entering the domain name.

The Alexa service ranks millions of websites. Rank 1 is the highest, rank 10 million would be the lowest. The top 50 Network Marketing companies’ ranks are from 2,212 (the highest this week), to 117,186 (the lowest). ranks #1.

The rankings of our Network Marketing group are most impressive. For example, our Top 7 outrank GNC, which is ranked 10,093 this week. The numbers to the right of each company are their Alexa ranks. LOWER is better because it’s closer to #1. Learn about here

If your company doesn’t appear and you think it should, use the Comments below.

NOTE: This list does not include affiliate programs. No enroller sites, landing pages or distributor websites. No shopping discount programs if they are not really network marketing. We correct and update errors as we find them.

If a company has gone up or down in rank, we indicate the change as + or -. Those whose ranks did not change have no mark…

Next update: Saturday July 15, 2006.

1. Success University 2,212
2. Avon 3,651
3. Usana 5,590
4. Quixtar 7,436
5. Melaleuca 8,881
6. Mary Kay 9,238
7. Prepaid-Legal 9,635
8. Arbonne 12,576
9. Herbalife 20,792
10. Scent-Stations 21,327
11. Shaklee 22,808 +1
12. Freelife 23,683 +2
13. Tupperware 24,360
14. Juvio 24,514 -3
15. YTB Travel 25,439 +1
16. NuSkin 25,455 +1
17. Xooma Worldwide 25,573 -2
18. Tahitian Noni 29,444 +1
19. Isagenix 29,486 -1
20. AmeriPlan 33,013
21. Xango 33,939
22. Liberty League 36,529
23. Sunrider 37,784 +1
24. ACN 39,626 +1
25. Pampered Chef 40,902
26. Waiora International 45,114
27. Agel 47,168
28. Ecoquest Intl 48,227
29. 4Life 48,317 -2
30. Amway 49,685 -1
31. M2C Global 50,081 -1
32. Creative Memories 51,725 -1
33. Mannatech 55,708
34. Watkins 56,178
35. Big Planet 58,180 -3
36. Forever Living 59,637 -1
37. Tastefully Simple 63,617
38. Amigo Health 66,194 -2
39. Primerica 68,816 -1
40. HealthyPetNet 73,736
41. Pharmanex 73,875 -1
42. Neways 74,225 -1
43. Nikken 75,780 -6
44. Immunotec 84,985 -1
45. Nature’s Sunshine 86,022 -3
46. Unicity 87,498
47. Send Out Cards 91,091
48. Young Living 94,947
49. Life Wave 101,071
50. Vita Mark 115,277

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    This is a great list. Thanks for taking the time and effort to compile it. Thanks also for the great teaching that you share and for leading the charge in changing our profession. Although you can’t see it, I’m giving you a standing “O” right now.


  • It would be interesting to have a rank by total worldwide sales. Anyone ambitious enough to put that together?

    — Walter from Appleton, WI

  • I was surprised that Young Living Essential Oils was not in the top 50 list, so I went to and checked and it did rank at 94,947 which means it should have been in your list, between 40 and 50, so what happened that it was left out?

  • How about you be the one to do that? If you think that criterion really matters?

    One problem will be how to get sales numbers from non-public companies. We all know how easy it is to exaggerate those income numbers – how would you verify them?

  • As of this date, Alexa shows this listing:

    Traffic Rank for 15,078

    yet, your site does not mention the DHS Club at all, though this is our main site.

    Are you aware of the DHS Club’s innovations in network marketing?

  • young living is on the list…check it out!

    Checking into the shopping club. But a discount shoppping club is not necessarily a network marketing company…so not sure about that one. I’ll find out a bit more…

  • As of tonight Uncity’s Traffic Rank on Alexa was shown as below.

    Traffic Rank for 87,498

    This would seem to place it at 45.


  • Ditto…this is a great list! Kim, your efforts are appreciated. I am relatively a novice in NM and find this SO interesting and also educational. This list has prompted me to visit many sites and blogs to see and learn what actually is out there – and affirm the credibility of network marketing. I am happy to see my company (FreeLife) towards the top of the list. A heartfelt thanks to you!

  • Thanks Vivian…

    Alan I need to verify that makelifebetter is Unicity’s company site, and not a rep site. Who is “Kenny” on that site?

  • Hi Kim,

    I am wondering something! My company is on the list, but all of our distributors have their own replicated website, so is this based on the company’s official site (which not as many people are visiting because they are visiting each of the distributors sites instead)? Does that make sense? Anyway….great to be listed!

  • Hi Kim,

    Interesting info. Thanks for putting it together.

    Having said that, I’d like to voice my concern about the designation “Top 50 Network Marketing Companies”. Not that you’ve put the list together, but concerned as to how some may use it.

    I can just envision the emails, websites and phone calls telling prospects that “Kim Klaver has listed our company as the #___ top network marketing company”.

    Here are a few of my concerns about this information being manipulated:

    1. The list is really the top 50 visited corporate sites.

    2. It states “no enroller sites”, so I’m assuming that replicated sites are not included (these are probably considered subdomains?) Having recently completed an industry directory, I know that some companies have no corporate sites per se. Any information about their company is only accessible through representative sites. If that’s true, they wouldn’t stand a chance of being included, would they?

    3. Some companies have the rep log-in through the corporate site with a log-in link. Others have separate log-in pages. Since all traffic is counted, I would assume that those companies requiring reps to log-in at the corporate site would have higher numbers than those that don’t.

    4. At the Alexa site, it states “Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users.” So, you could have a company with as much or more traffic, and it would not appear if the users don’t have the Alexa toolbar on their desktop.”

    5. Lastly, your name has a TREMENDOUS amount of credibility in the industry and the ability to promote Company X relative to its ranking on your list would be an opportunity many won’t pass up.

    What keeps companies (or reps) from training their people to download the alexa toolbar and visit the corporate site daily – to get the numbers high so they rank higher on this list?

    Unfortunately, many people wouldn’t know the figures were manipulated. Like many don’t know “Company of the Month”, “Product of the Month”, etc. are paid spots in some publications.

    As Vivian said (above), “This list has prompted me to visit many sites and blogs to see and learn what actually is out there.” Wouldn’t it behoove companies to do whatever it takes to get their names on the list?

    I think it’s a cool tool – and a great enhancement to make your site “sticky”. I’d just hate to see people use the data for the wrong reasons!

  • Hi Debbi…

    I’m thinking about have a little advisory group for the Top 50 NM companies – maybe you’d consider being on it? your comments are insightful, and I’m also curious about your directory. Where is it?

    1. I call it the Top 50 in the same way the New York Times publishes it’s Best Seller lists. Astute readers will discover that the Best Seller lists each week refer only to book store sales. Not the thousands of titles that are self-published, for example.

    The best seller list is based on THEIR book sales, naturally, not on bookstore sales.

    The first sentence or two introducing the Top 50 NM Cos list each week states the basis of the rankings.

    (The NYTimes uses a little footnote to describe the basis of their weekly best seller rankings – we do it in the first two sentences so all is transparent to every reader.)

    2. If a company were to write and confirm that a high traffic site from a rep were the official company website we’d consider them if their traffic high enough. I iam not sure about the effect of replicated websites. For some, clicking on those sites gets one to the corporate site, like (see below) and other do not. We will investigate those that seem unusual in the source of their traffic. At the moment the integrity of this Top 50 list is in the companies that are on it. There are just a few unkowns and they’ll disappear from the list if we find they’re not legitimate.

    3. We’re checking into those options now. I’d gues that the majority of replicating websites result in traffic to the corporate site.

    4. Glad you checked alexa, I will give a clinic on it Monday evening. Yes, that appears to be true. My check against missing companies is my readership…so far, I think we have most of the major companies included, and I update as needed.

    5. Thanks for the good words. Misuse of good tools, from stem cells to nuclear power cannot be controlled. We have to rely on the basic goodness of MOST of humanity to carry the day. We trust the Network Marketing industry will rise to the occasion.

    Again, examine the list and then judge. Except for a few unknowns, the rankings are not really surprising to anyone.

  • Kim. ( I just wrote a comment. not sure where it went so this may be a duplicate?)
    Re the Income Stats…I believe IF the company publishes these they have to be correct. not sure WHO regulates this.
    FreeLife publishes their Income Stats at the end of every year… and the 2005’s are right on their company site.

  • Mary:

    Interesting. Yes, we should find a way for people to easily see what kind of income the reps are actually earning from whatever company they are considering.

    We probably wouldn’t need any new FTC regs if every company’s recruiter did that more prominently. I mean what percent of their reps is making what, what percent are PT, FT, etc.

    FUN for new people to see what the challenges are, and to focus on beating the best!

    We all know the top earners are fewer than 1 percent. I always thought it was fun to beat THEM. 🙂

  • Hi Kim
    Dunno if you double-checked the VMdirect enrollment website “”. They are at 53,969.

    But yes, me too I feel that this list is not a good reference. There is only about 10 million Alexa toolbars downloaded. I had it installed but removed it because it interfered with other software. Surely, I am not the only one, so this list could look entirely different if another 10 million people from all over the world had this toolbar installed. (population of US + UK alone = +/-360 million)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this list, let’s say, every two-three months(six would be better), but not every week please! This is not what I come to Kim Klaver’s blog for …

  • Hi Tom:

    Youu wrote:

    “Dunno if you double-checked the VMdirect enrollment website “”. They are at 53,969.”

    We don’t do enroller sites. They’re all company websites.

    VM = Traffic Rank: 233,373 (today so a little ways to go. Lower is better and this week’s lowest is about 115k. (out of those tens of millions.)

    I post each day, so hopefully if you’ll find stuff to entertain and enlighten you.

    I am finding that there are thousands of people looking for a way to get started and this Top 50 list is helpging them get some idea of what is out there. So that is a good thing, except for those whose companies are not listed yet.

    Yes, I am aware of the shortcomings of as the Internet’s website ranking king, and am giving a clinic on that very topic tonight.

    But it’s a little like democracy. Far from perfect, but better than the other forms of government out there, in the opinion of most of us.

    We have Nielson ratings for TV shows to see which is most popuplar, and to determine which shows get the most money from advertisers – most viewed = get most money. But shows like Desperate Housewives, or Sopranos, at the top of the popularity list, aren’t for everyone, you know?

    So this is a starting place for those folks, at least.

    Are you with VM?

  • Hi Kim,

    Thanks for all you do for us networkers.

    I noticed my company, Cyberwize, is not on the list, despite having a rank of 111,138. Should it be there because of that? Thanks!

  • Having this list is useful for showcasing the many different businesses, to be sure. Teachers right now are looking for ways to make extra money, and knowing what’s popular is a great place to start.

    Of course, this list is a Top Visited 50 NM Companies — and the comments that some will abuse this list are unfortunately accurate. However, when people do their due diligence, they’ll find that statistics are always to be interpreted — just like books sales as Kim had mentioned.

    I’ll be connecting this list to our TeachersInBusiness Teachers’ Lounge and Blog, however, and look forward to continued updates.

    Thanks again for the great list!

  • Hi,
    This is an interesting list, but people need to know that Alexa ranking doesn’t include all traffic…just people who use the Alexa toolbar. I don’t have the toolbar because my virus protection doesn’t like it.

    I wonder what the Google Page rank of each of these company sites are and how they stack up using that tool to measure traffic and popularity?


  • Kim, what an outstanding program tonight with Peter Mingils!

    I don’t understand the TOP 50 scoring, aparently. My website, shows 645,669 traffic rank. Is that 645,000+ from the top or bottom? Or, what way does this number compare with the numbers you show for the TOP 50?

    Thanks again.

    Larry Lindemann

  • Hi Kim,
    This is a great list but I was wondering since Pharmanex, NuSkin and BigPlanet are all under the same parent company and some of their distributors have global web pages that include all 4 divisions including the new division photomax, should they really be listed as separate entities?

  • HI Kim,
    WOW Someone sent me the Alexia ratings, on companies. I’ve never seen that before and I’m pretty excited to see our Tiny card company on the list. We are very small yet, but I guess we’re getting known fast to be on that prestigious list. That’s exciting. I’m honored to be part of making history and intend to go from the bottom to the top of the list with them.


  • HI Kim,
    WOW Someone sent me the Alexia ratings, on companies. I’ve never seen that before and I’m pretty excited to see our Tiny card company on the list. We are very small yet, but I guess we’re getting known fast to be on that prestigious list. That’s exciting. I’m honored to be part of making history and intend to go from the bottom to the top of the list with them.


  • HI Kim,
    WOW Someone sent me the Alexia ratings, on companies. I’ve never seen that before and I’m pretty excited to see our Tiny card company on the list. We are very small yet, but I guess we’re getting known fast to be on that prestigious list. That’s exciting. I’m honored to be part of making history and intend to go from the bottom to the top of the list with them.


  • Wow Kim, this is a neat list! And my company, Send Out Cards, is at 47… cool. I’m not sure if this is counting all of the rep sites or just the main Send Out Cards site, but either way, we are on the list!

  • Kim,

    Great job!

    I did not see MONA VIE

    I searched on and it ranked 30,210 which would place it in the TOP 20.

    Was this an oversight or is there another reason.

    Mark L

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