Top 50 Network Marketing Companies Week 59


Just updated today by Alexa.

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The Top 50 Network Marketing Companies are ranked by Internet popularity – number of visitors to the company websites averaged over 3 months.

For the Top Start-Ups (companies less than 5 years old and with highest Alexa rank), go here.

The numbers are compiled by, the most widely used tracking service for website rankings since 1996. Alexa ranks millions of websites. Rank 1 is the highest; Rank 10 million the lowest. Alexa updates weekly. This week, is No. 1.

In the list of the Top 50 network marketing companies below, the Alexa rank appears to the right of each company. If a company has gone up or down in rank from the previous week, the change appears as a + or -. No change, no mark.

Next update: Monday, May 5, 2008.

NOTE: This list includes companies that are top ranked, AND are 5 years old or more. Some companies have disappeared from this list, and are now on the Top Start-Ups list here because they’re less than 5 years old. If we missed one, Comment below, we’ll check into it.

NOTE 2: In most cases, when you click on one of these Top 50 companies, you will be taken to a page of an Independent Rep for that company. All such Reps are members of Network Marketing Central (NMC), a community of network marketers who believe in working together, and who subscribe to the “No promises. No Problems” mantra of NMC.


  1. Avon 4,628
  2. Quixtar 10,660
  3. Ytb Travel 10,897
  4. Mary Kay 15,001
  5. Usana 20,177
  6. Melaleuca 21,312
  7. Market America 25,362 (+3)
  8. Nu Skin Enterprises 29,364
  9. Isagenix 31,705 (+3)
  10. Pre-paid Legal 32,991 (+5)
  11. Herbalife 33,534 (-4)
  12. Success University 35,270 (-3)
  13. Shaklee 38,502 (+3)
  14. Take Shape for Life/Medifast 39,367 (+8)
  15. Arbonne International 39,486 (+5)
  16. FreeLife International 40,452 (-2)
  17. VM Direct 42,254 (+1)
  18. helloWorld 43,783 (+1)
  19. A C N 43,885 (-2)
  20. Tupperware 50,739 (+1)
  21. ITV Ventures 56,646 (+7)
  22. Tahitian Noni 58,484 (+2)
  23. Forever Living 59,167 (-12)
  24. Scent-Sations (Mia Bella Candles) 63,007 (+7)
  25. Primerica 63,190
  26. Pampered Chef 65,019 (+6)
  27. Xango 67,545 (+3)
  28. AmeriPlan 68,034 (-5)
  29. Trivita 68,245 (-3)
  30. United First Financial 68,794 (+6)
  31. Amway 83,022 (-4)
  32. Vitamark International 83,181 (-3)
  33. 4Life Research, LLC 90,766 (-20)
  34. Young Living 96,409 (+5)
  35. Nikken 101,609 (-2)
  36. Healthy Pet Net 103,908 (+4)
  37. Nature’s Sunshine 106,779
  38. Tastefully Simple 116,685 (+4)
  39. Mannatech 116,844 (+2)
  40. Neways 117,038 (+9)
  41. Ecoquest International 120,684 (+5)
  42. Photo Max 125,889 (-7)
  43. Sunrider 127,685 (-9)
  44. Creative Memories 132,854 (-1)
  45. Liberty League 135,146 (-45)
  46. Leaders Club 138,095 (+1)
  47. Juice Plus 138,936 (-47)
  48. Watkins 142,541 (-10)
  49. Longaberger 142,674 (-1)
  50. Passion Parties 149,780 (-5)

Alexa rankings of our Network Marketing group are most impressive. Our Top 50 Network Marketing Companies are in the top 10% of Alexa’s first million sites.

Most of our Top 50 are also ranked 100,000 or better (remember lower numbers are better – it’s closer to #1.)

Alexa says that “Generally, Traffic Rankings of 100,000+ should be regarded as not reliable because the amount of data we receive is not statistically significant.

Conversely, the more traffic a site receives (the closer it gets to the number 1 position), the more reliable its Traffic Ranking becomes.” (emphasis added) Source: So we’re in the highest ranked group!

You can check your company ranking by going to, and entering your company’s website address. If your company doesn’t appear in this list and you think it should, let us know by posting a friendly Comment, below.

Remember, in addition to the Alexa ranking, a company must also be 5 years old or more to be included here.

For the Top Start-Ups (companies less than 5 years old and with highest Alexa rank), go here.

Learn about here. For a discussion of its limitations, see “I did a scary thing…”

NOTE: This list does not include affiliate programs. No enroller sites, landing pages or distributor websites. No shopping discount programs if they are not really network marketing. We correct and update errors as we find them.

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  • dang, i didnt know Avon was that much higher than all the rest of them… gotta see what their business plan is 😀

  • is a subsidiary of It is a website which provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa toolbar is an application developed by Alexa Internet. Its primary use is to measure website statistics. This toolbar collects as well as gives some valuable information. Once you install it, the Alexa toolbar monitors all your surfing and collects information about what domains you visit. They use this data to rank web sites. The traffic rank they assign to websites is based on 3 months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of other users and is a combined measure of page views and users. Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks use your blog’s Alexa rank as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you’ll definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, because it’ll increase your bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing.

  • Hi Kim,

    isXperia hasn’t made the list yet. It has been in business since January 2006. It is a great company,
    great pay plan. We have many wonderful people, who care about each other and are building very strong foundation. We are now in 37 states, and the numbers are rising daily! Not to mention the products are truly unique, and very high quality. This company is being lead with a lot of integrity. We can not say enough about all the people whom are choosing to make isXperia their home. Here is the site (239-489-2374)

  • Hi Kim,
    Emerald Passport is not listed on the Top Fifty List or in Igaggle. Emerald Passport is Direct Selling Company that has been online since 2003. The products are online, self-study courses in the areas of personal and professional development, financial education and wealth creation. I think Emerald Passport ( would be a worthy candidate for inclusion within the Igaggle community. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Hi Kim,

    Just wanted you to know number 41 on the list, EcoQuest International, is now called Vollara. The new company website is (
    Joe P. Urso of Aerus Holdings, looking to expand its offerings, acquired EcoQuest International (a direct seller of healthy living products) in 2009. Aerus Holdings has purchased the majority of the assets of EcoQuest International, its parent company and subsidiaries.
    Mr. Urso has led Aerus Holdings to success using the Four Corners of Every Successful Business™ model, which he created. He planned the entry of Aerus Holdings into network marketing for over ten years. He believes in the explosive power of this industry to change lives in a positive way and dedicates his full-time efforts to company business.
    Mr. Urso is very involved in the Direct Selling Association and serves on its Board of Directors.

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