Top 50?


This list started as the Top 25 Network Marketing Companies.

Responding to requests from readers, I checked the rankings of the next batch. I saw that all but one of the next 15 companies were ranked under 100,000. That is a most significant accomplishment on the Internet, where millions of corporate sites are in the running for Alexa rankings.

I also remembered the Top 40 song list from long ago, hence the
Top 40.

After more brainstorming, it seems like the Top 50 is more au courant and more business oriented.

Google lists MONEY Magazine’s Best Jobs: The Top 50, 50 Coolest Websites, Espresso Top 50, The Top 50 UK accountancy firm survey by Accountancy Age, Apple-Downloads-Dashboard-Top 50, etc.
Shall we make ours the Top 50 Network Marketing Companies?

I’ll tally your votes (use Comments below) until 5Ppm CT Friday, July 7.

If you want it, you’ll see the Top 50 next Saturday, July 8. If not, it’ll remain the Top 40. Either way the new rankings for the week will be posted here on Saturday July 8.

Happy Independence Day!

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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks! Kim, for contributing greatly to our independence – potential for and beginning to implement with what you’re teaching and we’re learning in our chosen Network Marketing field…

    Yes, 50 ranking will be great!

  • Thanxoxox, KIM . . .
    for all you do for us in the fields. We appreciate and love you madly. – Fifty is better than forty. . . John, in sunny S.W.Pennsylvania, at the foot of the mountains.

  • Happy 4th to you! Yes, I would love to see the top 50. How are you ranking them? Sales? Years in Business?

  • Go for the top 50!!!
    It’s nice to see our company being noticed and in a “prestigious” list of the “Top….”- better to have the list for the good than the bad:)

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