Top Arbonne Earner Interview, Part I


Here’s part I of the interview I did with Donna Johnson, Arbonne’s #1 producer.

Hope to have the other parts up this week…Yes it’s an MP3.

Click here for part I of Kim’s live interview with Donna.DonnaJohnson

Tidbit from Part I: Donna’s been doing NM for 30 years. Her first check from Arbonne, 20 years ago this month, was US$12.

The So You Want to be a Networker CD she refers to is the confidence building package here and the single CD is here.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, I wasn’t able to get on this call so I want to thank you for having this available for us. I love what I’ve listened to and can’t wait for the rest. I’ve been on party plan calls with my company and so far have found the calls are very similar. The upline doing the calls for my company also has many years in the industry, Tupperware being the first and like Donna she was the top earner for that company. She is helping us learn how the party plans work. We have lots of people on the calls that won’t do parties but want to know how so if they have anyone on their team that wants to go this way they can help.

    I love doing parties, like Donna says, I would rather talk with 6 people at a time a few days a week than 20 one on ones. I have met some fantastic people and have a fun loving team in my business because of friends getting friends over for a few hours. I like how you can be so creative with your party. My last few partys had one of the guest’s dog as a special guest. This has worked great so I’ll keep doing it. Another thing I’ve done is get some of my pet treats or any pet product to some of the guests in advance. This makes the best tesimonial at the party and keeps it real.

    The next two week-ends I’m having an open house for my products at the kennel. It will be for a few hours Sat. & Sun. for people to drop in. If it doesn’t work out too good I haven’t lost anything since I have to be at the kennel anyway. Anyone have feedback on Open House themes for your business?

    Kim, Thanks for the great ideas like the interview with Donna.

    Warmest Regards

    Tara’s 17 years with me, read more here:

  • This is a great interview! Lots of information that anyone doing a home type party can use and lots of business information for those of you who do the business another way. I particulary enjoyed hearing how she gets leads for the product from people who didn’t even come to the party. What a great idea!

    Off to a home party tonight,
    Nancy Carlson

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