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Top NM Start-Ups: Week 37.

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The current Top 50 Network Marketing Companies represents the most highly trafficked companies online, as rated each day and updated each week by Alexa. The Top 50 are also 5 years old or more.

Next Top Start-ups update: Mid October, 2009, probably.

Top Start-Ups list.

Network Marketing companies with 1) the highest internet traffic as ranked by Alexa, AND 2) that are LESS than five years old as of the date of the update. That data is also obtained from Alexa for each company. We are adding more companies to this list.

Alexa, while not perfect by any means, is the most widely used tracking service for website rankings since 1996. Alexa ranks millions of websites.

Rank 1 is the highest; Rank 10 million the lowest.

NOTE: When you click on a company, you will usually get some live humans who are independent reps for that company. Those folks are all members of Network Marketing Central (NMC) or the iGaggle Network. For a company that has no NMC member yet, you will go directly to that company page.

  1. Agel 54,248 (+1)
  2. Xooma Worldwide 56,215 (-1)
  3. Wealth Masters International 63,330
  4. Vemma, Liquid Vitamins & Minerals 64,627 (+1)
  5. Max International 70,066 (-1)
  6. My Power Mall 87,457
  7. Talk Fusion 88,678
  8. One Group 119,996
  9. MXI Corp 129,396
  10. Freedom Rocks 220,137
  11. Ignite 227,885
  12. Acai Plus 312,123
  13. Citizenre 487,638
  14. IGONET 1,377,846
  15. Ad Calls 1,397,438
  16. Fruta Vida International 1,757,184
  17. Zenza Life Scliences 2,141,958 (+1)
  18. Cleure 2,347,175 (-1)
  19. Plexus Pink International 2,425,175 (+1)
  20. BioNovix 2,517,350 (-1)
  21. The Balance Company 4,361,872
  22. Amigo Health 4,733,810 (+1)
  23. LifeFoods, LLC 4,890,256 (-1)
  24. GBG 7,267,883
  25. Guardian International Travel 8,388,607

It’s now the Top 25 Start ups. Comment below if we missed you, and include the company website URL. We’ll check it right out and add it if appropriate. We try to be perfect, but if not, please give us the fix you think we should make.

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Kim Klaver


  • I am surprised to see Freedom Rocks on the list. The company is 7 years old and they are tiny. A reliable source told me they were down to under 3500 active members.

  • I remember these list – but you should make a note that the list means next to nothing. Example – Fruta Vida is listed – that company closed months ago. A couple of the 'exec's' are restarting it – but it was dead yet it is ranked #16

  • Kim, each of the first 4 comments are interesting and worthy a reply from you…. I look forward to your comments on each one.

  • Greetings Surprised and Joel:

    These numbers and ranks are all pulled from Alexa directly. As stated on the page, it is the number of visitors tracked to the site that determines a rank.

    There is nothing unknown about that.

    While nothing is ever a satisfactory indicator of anything from another's perspective, this is at least a criterion that is known to all who read what the rankings are based on.

    Perfect, though, it is not and I heartily agree.

    I can look into the companies that didn't make the list for next time, thanks.

    I may eventually stop publishing this list however since I'm not all that convinced about its usefulness anymore.

    Thanks for your thoughts as always.

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