Top Ten MLM Apps in App Store

Well this is fun.  For iPhone app lovers, the “mlm”
category is growing.  Here are the top ten apps
in the MLM category (go to iTunes app store and type
in mlm):

Note 1.  The first and third apps are mileage apps, not MLM.
So don’t count those in the top ten. (Apple is still learning.)

Note 2. Three of my apps are in the Top Six.  They
are circled and you can see them here.  THANKS!!!

For App Lovers

To see this live, go to the App icon on your iDevice,
or to iTunes on your computer (download here). Then
click Apps at the center top. Enter mlm in the search box
tp right, and it shows you what’s there in order of total sales.
(Some have been there 3 years, others, like mine,
just a few months.)

What’s good about apps?

1. They’re dirt cheap.  My One Liners, for example, is 99 cents.
On my website, it’s $27. Same thing. (And sells every day, thank u.)

2. Nearly all iPhone users say they NEVER leave home without it.
They SLEEP with their iPhones.  They take it to the bathroom.
They’d rather lose their wallet than their iPhone. If u own one,
u know this.

That means a person can listen to an script audio just before
walking into presentation, practice stuff and learn
stuff anytime 24-7.

If you have good training stuff, consider putting out an app.

It was new for me, too. 🙂

Just in from a Giant Heap listener:

“Kim’s Giant Heap app is awesome! It’s 2 MP3s downloaded to your phone, broken up into short segments or chapters and it’s GREAT! Kim is a real gem… funny, sincere and highly motivating… I spent part of last Saturday night listening and I’m not even ashamed to say so (since it *was* Sat. night!  My excuse is I have a 9-month old!)  You’ll get SO much more than your 2 dollars worth.” – Kathie B.

PS. If you want a free iPhone, you can get one online or at  local
Apple store.  Ask for the 3GS (the one I’ve had for two years) and
they give it to you free. You pay the monthly online service fee only.

PPS Android lovers: 100 customers 100 Days app is here.

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