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Here’s a story sent to me (thanks Dr. Quila Rider) from a website based in Iceland.

“Yesterday, at a farmer’s market, I stopped by a 10 x 10 booth and spoke to a man about “Book Hugger”, a wonderful device to hold books (Paul MacLennan – inventor at hugabook).

“Untrained in the language of trade shows, marketing, or sales, he demonstrated the most effective “non seller talk” (no promises, no quick fixes, and no hard sell tactics like those that I have experienced since I joined my MLM). Here’s what he did:

“He told his story! What happened to him (a very serious motorcycle accident) and as a result of his accident how he came to invent the Book Hugger. His story is, indeed, compelling and his market is focused on those who are like him. His process is so similar to Kim Klaver’s wonderful “First Date Script” process in (If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?):

  • “What happened to me”
  • “Why I created the Book Hugger” (as gift for others who could benefit from a device that holds a single sheet of paper, a book, or electronic reader-e.g. elderly, hospital patients, physical therapy
  • patients and the like)
  • “How it made a difference for me”
  • “May I show you how it works”?

“After discussion, I left with thoughts of who do I know that could benefit from the “Hugger”. Suddenly it became clear: My daughter-in-law, who is pregnant, pending her second “C” section, lives with breast cancer, is pending a mastectomy, and radiation, and loves to read.

“I returned to his booth and bought two Book Huggers. (One for my son and one for my daughter-in-law.) Very odd behavior for me. After a lot of pondering, I realized that I made my purchases for four reasons:

  • The Hugger works
  • His lack of “hard sell”
  • His verbal language
  • His open body language.

“Trade shows have a language of their own. For most trade shows the “My Story” language & process is the most effective language . (And, of course, without “Seller talk or seller actions” like those described in Kim’s wonderful book.)

“What is your Trade Show Language?
– J. Boone E, Network Marketer.

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