True or false?

“Our addiction to consumption
and our sense of entitlement have killed us.”

What’s your response to this statement about today’s economy? Why?

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Kim Klaver


  • As human beings we are naturally addicted to consumption…we inherited the trait from the Neanderthal….and all those who believe in a force greater than ourselves is in existence or “the Universe” know for sure that we are entitled…..there is a huge difference between entitlement and greed…greed is what caused our current economic situation to issue a course correction….

  • We are no longer a nation of producers, but consumers. This is leading to balance of trade issues and the devaluing of the dollar. Our consumption of oil with our continued lack of increased production places our nation in great peril. Continued debt financing by our government will soon remove the USA as a major player in the global economy.

  • You ask if I have a story? Let’s see 1986 I was went through a lay off- a Japanese Company bought out the American company I worked for. Later I managed to sock away 65k in a 401k while raising 2kids as a single parent w/o chid support, only to watch it disappear because I worked for WorldCom. 2001 devloped cancer (try getting insurance after that, not fun or cheap.) 2006 my new husband was downsized out of a job after 26 years in radio. Our solution? Networkmarketing -it is the only solution for us. We work when we want, how we want to work and with whom we want. It’s our responsiblity to have as much success as we can without any corporation determining our future.
    My reaction to the economy is we each have an impact each and every day by the choices we make. Live within our means and don’t give up the dream.

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