Experienced, mature network marketers who can’t wait anymore…

embarrassed monkeyThat’s me. And here’s what I’ve got for you.

(It’s gonna sound wild, ready?)

If you KNEW you could earn 7x more –
doing the same things with the same people –
over the same time period, would you want
to know how?

That’s what happened to me this year.

Some of you know I’ve been in the field as a rep
and trainer for 24 years. Not getting any younger, either.

Built five companies to the top positions. Coached and
trained aspiring network marketers for 14 years.

(Go ahead. Google: Kim Klaver)

Was getting ready to “retire” but couldn’t resist
one more run…

So here’s what happened…

Got in company #1 March 4, 2012. Worked that company
for 11 months. (Loved it.)

Started in company #2 on March 3, 2013. (Loved it, too.
Still doing that.)

Insider info:

I personally signed up about 175 reps the
first nine months – in each company.
(Not counting just
whom I signed up in both companies)

My personal recruits were 90% the same people in each company.
(I stopped promoting company #1 when I started #2.)

There was no “star” performer who took off in either one

Earnings (my eyes popped when I compared)

Company #1 after 11 months: About $25,000 to me. (Which is why I got restless)

Company #2 after 11 months: About $177,000 to me.

Note: I spent the same time in each company with the same team,
learning, doing, teaching. Online and offline.

I earned 7 times more in company #2

Email Me if:

1) You’re an experienced network marketer

2) You’d like to see if you can earn 7 times more doing
the same thing you’re doing now.

3) Include your phone # and times to chat.

Subject: 7x more income. I can’t wait.

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, I’m experienced network marketer, 4 years.
    I’d love to see if I can earn 7x times more doing the same thing I’m doing now ?
    My phone number is 715-341-6370. Afternoons are best to chat.

  • Hello, I just finished the book of kim klaver based on 3 scripts and am excited to use here in Brazil this new approach because I am new in mmn, most know for some time and she is surely right to say that they use 100% theory we must recruit and recruit to grow in this business, but I’ve always been against and now I need help because I’m in my early and want to do right, and to learn to win 7 x more and recreate my site again to customers because I do not think this nice!

    If the translation is not good is because I used the google translator ok!

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