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Two things you MUST do to make money in any MLM

Do you position yourself as someone who can
help someone else attain some kind of financial ‘freedom’?

Then you need to know bottom line, how the money gets made
in our business.  Think?  Hehehe.

Um, it’s not talking to people about the business or the product.
It’s not becoming passionate about what you’re doing. It’s not
self-development.  It’s not sharing the business or opportunity
with everyone you meet.  When you do those things, does anyone
pay you for doing them?

Here are the two things you must do to make money in

1. Bring in orders to your company. Customer orders,
Rep orders. Orders orders orders. Orders that are of course
coded or linked to you.

2. Be qualified – personally order the required amount or have
the group volume required – during any month where you have
orders in your business for which you want to get paid.

Everything one does – all the trainings and seminars in recruiting,
customer gathering, attitude development, meeting more people,
learning about the product or service, self development – ALL of
these activities are there to help a person who needs them bring in
an order to their company. But no one pays you to do them.

MLMers and NMers do not make money for:

1) talking to people
2) showing the business or the product
3) sharing the opportunity
4) learning to recruit
5) sharing the product or service…
6) being passionate
7) learning to present or be persuasive

You can do these things all day, but without an order, do they pay you?

Nor does your company pay you for any of the other preparatory
activities – learning to talk to people, then finding some to talk to
without turning them off, learning how to market on Facebook or
other social media, going door to door – etc. etc.

The two requirements to make dime one in our business:

1. Bring orders into your company (usually online through the
websites, however yours does that) – because THEY pay you a
piece of the money you bring into their door.

2. Be ‘qualified’ (through whatever purchases you are required to make)
so that you get paid for the orders you bring in that month.

Then you need to know the basic percents they pay you. Those
are pretty easy to discover – usually 4-5% of all your GV.  No need to get
tangled up in the underwear of the company pay plan. (And of course
pay for customer orders.)

Once you know how the money gets made, you’ll sound more
credible to others if you want position yourself as someone who can
help someone else attain any kind of financial ‘freedom.’

Everything else helps a person accomplish these two things –
but those activities alone do not bring in a penny.

If you ask a real estate person what has to happen for them to
make income, do you hear, “Oh, I share homes?”

Or securities brokers – do they say, “I make money talking to people
about securities?”

2013 might be a good year for us in the field to stop being in
denial that we are a sales business. Guess who else is in sales?

Apple. Google. The Church. We pay them them money because
we want something they offer, yes?

Aren’t we the same?

What say you?

About the author

Kim Klaver


  • What a great post. You are absolutely right. Many times we get off track when really that’s all we need to concern ourselves with – making sales and being sure we are qualified. Thanks Kim for your wonderful, as always, trainings.

  • Yes bringing in orders is the key. I used to tell my real estate team that they need to be collecting decisions everyday. Perhaps I’ll need to alter that to orders.

  • Dear Kim,

    This article is so great at the beginning of the year when we are supposed set up most of our goals, activities, ideas and get organized to tackle 2013 in the correct way.

    I just finished hearing to your customer enchilada audios and are half way through the book 100 customers in 100 days, and finally understood that in order to make money and be attractive to prospects you have to sell and sell big.

    In the company I work, and I guess it is the same in most companies, there is simply too much noise around the business, countless activities, trainings, presentation, etc etc etc and we can easily just be busy and unproductive but having a great time. That only ends in frustration as it happened to me.

    It is definitely a sales business not a recommend business as I have herd many times, and for this year I am planing to get my first 100 customers in 100 days, no matter what, then, I am sure, my business is going to grow….

    Thanks for the great advice


    • You got it! There is no shame in making money. One must merely offer something of value. The more value, the more money.
      Once one stands up and takes pride in the money he makes, his customers will be happy, he ill be happy, and the company will be happy.
      I also wish I learned this earlier, and took pride in sales, like Zig Ziglar.
      Thank you.

  • There is a reason that there are so many books on sales printed. The bottom line in any business is nothing happens until a sale is made. Every store in every mall on on every main street in every city has one function: to bring customers in so they buy a product. Period. Why would we think it is any different in our home mlm business?

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