Two views on complaining…

Wednesday is therapy day here.

Complaining, whining, venting…

Here are two different views about complaining and what it means.

1. It’s just venting.

“The point of complaining is not necessarily that it’s going to change things. It’s more kind of an existential act that is essential to democracy.” – New York Times “Quotation of the Day” 7.8.06.
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2. Make a change.

“Im a whiner. I guess I finally have to admit it. I took a look back at the way I have lived my life, and I can’t come to any other conclusion.

When I was a high school, I whined about not being able to take business classes when I was a junior (they were only available to seniors), so I took classes at the University of Pittsburgh instead…”
MORE here “Calling all whiners.”

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  • The definition game! These two people use two different definitions of the word. One is venting, with no intention of action, the other is inspirational dissatisfaction, which precedes action.

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