Uncertainty quote of the day

Writers are on strike in Hollywood. And many people are feeling the financial pinch – one they weren’t expecting. But one upbeat, striking writer said:

“As a writer, you have to develop the instinct of squirreling money away,” Luvh Rakhe said. “You’re just used to a lot of uncertainty in the first place.”

Good advice for all of us. We better get used to a lot of uncertainty. Since when was anything in our business ever certain, anyway?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    According to Dave Ramsey, 47% of American households could not survive for one month with out a paycheck. He advocates 6 months of expenses be tucked away for an emergency fund AFTER a family is debt free.

    It is well established that Americans are some of the world’s worst savers, but some of the world’s best chargers.

    To me it is still better to plan for a rainy day, than borrow from it.

    Where’s my umbrella,
    Tom Doiron

  • You are right about that Tom. As I noticed all of the people out shopping this week, I was wondering how many of them are spending money they actually have or charging it.

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