Upline only teleseminar May 16 (yes, commercial)

May 16 and 18 teleseminar:

For upline only: How to get your people to DO something

Perhaps the number one complaint from upline (someone who has sponsored someone else into the business where the idea was to earn some income doing it) is that after the person signs up, even with a good sized initial order, they so often disappear. Literally never heard from again.

On a call the other day one gent said he had two people this past month who had come in with $2k orders, and he hasn’t heard from them since. Years ago in my own business, we had people who bought $5k worth of product, (you know, to get to the higher commission level,) and weeks later they just vanished. No one heard from them again.

What happens to those people? More to the point, why do they fade away and can you do anything to prevent it?

I have an idea so ergo, this teleclass.

End of commercial. 🙂

Hint: Here’s one secret from the most popular coffee company in the US (one of the most-read posts here):

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