Vic’s In-Home: 71 Committed, 96 Showed up

Notes from deep inside the Helper-Healer classroom…

“I want to educate people!”

So said Lulu, a long time network marketer, on her umpteenth company. She was telling my old NM friend Vicki Link what she wanted to do at her In-Home.

Vic surprised her. “What if people don’t want to be ‘educated’?” she asked. “They’re already overwhelmed with information and people trying to sell them. They know what our ‘education’ means:
A big presentation telling everyone how great we are, how great our product and company is, followed up by some techno-babble. Then comes the inevitable pressure to buy something.”

“Would you want to give up a few precious free hours on a Saturday for THAT experience?”

Nooooo, said Lulu. I don’t want to do that to them, no, right. Hmm.

“How about,” suggested Vic, “you offer each person a moment of relief? Or a little dose of happiness and maybe a wow for coming? What could you do at your in-home that would bring a little magic to the lives of your guests? Give them a wow experience? Or some new fun happening they didn’t expect?” (We were talking about how to invite very select warm market and their warm market.)

Right now, Lulu’s pondering how she can provide some wow moments at her upcoming in-home. And offer that when she calls folks. We’ll help her in class. Not easy. But if she wants a turnout like Vic had, she’ll have to. Because the number of no-shows at most in-homes tells us all that people do not want to spend 2-3 hours being hyped and sold. Not good people, anyway.

Even the old time-share salesmen used to offer giant boom boxes to get people to sit through their 3-4 hour time-share pitches. And banks offered toasters and today, iPods. To get people to come in and make a deposit.

A little relief, some wows and a few magic moments is what Vic offered to people she called for her Heal-In at the home of an old friend. Instead of the usual no-shows except for the two local distributors, 71 guests confirmed (after seven weeks of intensive part-time effort), and 96 showed. They brought friends because it sounded so fun. All on their own.

If your only question now is, “So, how many bought?” You don’t get this approach yet. Not that it doesn’t matter, it does. But it’s not the first thing that matters. The first thing is, did they have a good time? Would they come again next time and bring a friend? Did they experience some magic, learn something new? Did they meet some interesting people or rekindle some old acquaintances? Did they feel sold to or in anyway pressured?

P.S. Here’s the previous write up about that Heal-In. Four more are planning their own Heal-Ins at their own homes. They’re happy. Vic’s happy. (Here’s a 9 minute video from the September Heal-In It’s making the rounds. Warning: I am the business trainer for this company and while not a distributor, I am in the Heal-In video because I helped my friend Vicki, who is a distributor with that company.)

PPS. 71 confirmed with Vic. 96 Showed up. Guess how how many bought?

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  • In the end, only a few things matter:

    1) How many people bought?
    2) How many bookings for additional parties did you get?
    3) How many people signed up as distributors based on that presentation?

    This tells you the quality of the people that showed & how good the presentation was. Depending on this, you may have to make slight changes to your presentation to increase your numbers.

    Greg (aka NewLifestyleMentor)

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