Wanna go to the movies?

Maybe. What movie?

I tell you that you’ll love it, just come. So you do. We buy popcorn and get settled in, the show starts. And. It’s a horror movie. And you HATE HATE HATE horror flicks.

So, will you trust me for a movie choice next time?

This is like in-homes we invite people to. Hollywood offers different types of movies – horror, documentary, action, romantic comedy – because different people like different types of movie experiences.

One of the biggest reasons people stop doing the NM business is because people keep showing them the wrong movies for their taste.

Traditionally, we have the recruit recruit movie. The trailer plays like this (and yes there are people who like it):

“We have one of the most exciting home business ventures of the year. Our product has no competition whatsoever!

“Our breakthrough health and wellness product is changing lives overnight!

“Did you know the Wellness Industry is now worth billions? Our product is like magic…”

“This is a must-see home business program. Get huge rewards for sharing with others…”

(from an existing website inviting people to check out their feature program).

This pitch is by and for recruiters who pursue the big money. No problem.

But in our business, there’s another type of movie, the one the helper-healers like. That’s more like a romantic comedy. Here’s an example trailer for that:

“Pain Relief Product Demo

“Bring your aches and pains, small critters too.

“Nothing goes into your body. No drugs or pills.

“Come see what happens.

“Healthy potluck. RSVP to…

That trailer is by and for helper-healers, people who focus on helping others overcome some problem. And they do it with a simple demo, not promises or a lecture. Demos are great conversation starters later.

Bottom line: When you’re hosting your own event, you need to know which movie the audience you’re inviting will prefer. Some people have just been playing the wrong movie for the folks who come. Often the hosts themselves don’t like the movie, but it’s all they’ve ever seen.

Here’s where that eventually ends…

“Pitching the business is uncomfortable for us because we know we have not had the results that we are supposed to be out there preaching about. We cannot bring other people into this train wreck.” Jean B.

And it doesn’t work for many people…

“We have attended other in home parties hosted by some of our upline and other team members and for the most part it is only other distributors who attend, empty handed, meaning no one brought any new guests, prospects or customers.”

Take away: There are different kinds of movies for different kinds of audiences. And there are different kind of presentations for different kinds of audiences.

Decide who you are, and who your audience will be, so you can make and show them a movie that you BOTH will like. Or, invite a presenter who understands who the audience is and does not insist on showing a horror movie to a group that wants a romantic comedy.

The just released helper-healer marketer program shows you how to plan, invite, host and get orders smoothly at your own in-home or other local event. It’s by and for the helper-healer marketers. At our experimental events these past few months, they’ve been buying the big packages.

PS. I am personally doing live coaching for one year with folks who join the helper-healer marketer program. That’s how much I love doing stuff with the helper-healers in our industry. What else can I say?

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