We don’t have enough presence on the phone…

I’ve heard that from several people of late – that one reason women don’t get the responses they’re looking for, especially from cold market leads, is that they don’t sound good, or strong, or don’t have enough presence – on the phone.

If that’s true, do any of you have experience you care to relate on how a woman who suspects she has this problem might sound stronger, or more confidence-inspiring?

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  • It is not only women who don’t have phone presence. Men don’t have it either. The difference is that women sound timid because they don’t want to offend. Men sound arrogant because they don’t listen to what you say. I love to get telemarketers on the phone because you can really shake up a man telemarketer by asking him questions. Next time a telemarketer calls you up, ask this question: “Do you use (whatever service)?” “what do you like about it?” You’ll quickly find out, how much MORE presence a woman telemarketer can have on the phone.

  • When I was a young woman in Long Beach, CA. I was told by my personal coach, that when I answer the phone, lower my voice and speak slower than I normally would.

    Adds credibility, authority.

    I practiced it and my boyfriend didn’t beleive it was me when he called.

    Maybe that is the key – think?

  • You may be totally right about that. Maybe we could maybe include some tips in the trainings on how to come across better on the phone – confident yet not arrogant.

    Fun activity for role play.


  • Barbara –

    I think you’re right on. Sometimes women (AND men) have no idea how they sound on the phone until someone records us and it’s like – surprise!

    What a fun result you got!

  • Sometimes this world is upside down. Women or men must have confidence in their product or service, this should be a given or find a product or service you really, really believe in. Then lead with your product or service, not the opportunity. The product or service you believe in will give you this confidence on the phone. Where as, if you’re not making tons of money it’s really hard telling someone else that they will be making lots of money. Sit down with a tape recorder and just bleed, tell what all the benefits are of your product and service and why your pasionate about the product or service. Then take a piece of paper sand write it out (a script) I know everyo0ne hates that, but do comercials change all the time, when you see advertising in magazines do they have a different ad for each magazine, a campaign is a campaign, just tweak it, once you have a well deserved customer, its very easy to approach them about a business opportunity, if they don’t ask you first.

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