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Weird Competitor: Do You Know About It?

Weird Competition In Network Marketing Industry

Some network marketers and nm companies like to say,

“We have NO competitors! We stand alone!”

But that’s not so.

  • 1) Many other companies offer products they believe give benefits similar to what you market. And they ALL have many happy customers.

In each field, from skin care to daily supplements to weight loss and more, there are dozens of other companies, both NM types and non NM types, that offer products to help folks who seek help for those issues.

  • 2) Weird competitor?

Doing nothing” is also a competitor of ours.

When person chooses to pass, and take NO action, THAT is also a competitor to you and what you have to offer.

Weird, huh?

But that’s the story.

Bottom line: YOUR competitive edge, matters. I mean YOU. YOURS. Not your company’s.

Make sense?

If so, that’s what you want to work on, hone and refine and put out there.

PS Learn how to market YOU and your values for your CUSTOMERS here.

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