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Weird, Big Money Making.. Sales Tip..

Money Making Sales Tips

Weird (and big money making) sales tip…

Those who make millions in marketing per month say that when we buy, it’s usually to meet some emotional need.
I can buy that. You?

So, the interesting bit: WHEN we buy something to meet that emotional need, the emotional need is actually NOT met.

How do I know? Try this…

I’m an AVID learner. Reading books (iPad PACKED), video programs, everything from those who know more than me, or who know different than me.

So, two weeks ago, I buy a $2,997 how-to market course. Am on module 5 of 12.

So, let’s agree that I bought it to meet whatever emotional need I have to LEARN (so I can DO it and then TEACH it)…

  • Did buying that one program mean I don’t buy more?
  • Did I buy others before this?

Um. YES to both.

I bought TWO more programs on marketing these past two weeks… And bought many BEFORE.

I watch every evening, and consume consume consume. And do and teach.

So this emotional need is insatiable. I will buy until my last breath, to learn a bit more…And this is how most people are…


What if I were YOUR customer? And I had an emotional need to say, learn all about high-end supplements and clean eating and how that can keep me looking good, energized and healthy?

That need will not be met with one product or program. Nope. I’d want more.

What would you have, to offer me more?

What besides the actual supplement? Would you have an eating plan (maybe $97)? A kitchen cupboard revamp to get rid of the food like substances and replace with clean wholesome foods (maybe $397)? An eating retreat in Costa Rica for like $7,500? (I’d pay and come!)

Bottom line: If you’re in the business of offering products that help fill emotional needs, like looking better, feeling younger, becoming financially independent, your customer will NOT be satisfied buying one or two products.

Like me (and you), we want more, and more and more. And will pay more and more and more.

What would YOU Inc offer such a customer?


PS The bad news: if you don’t offer more, I would find more somewhere else. Just like you would. You want to provide more – or let them buy more from someone else?

PS: How offer more of YOU that you didn’t know you had…in 31 Days.

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