What are you great at? What if you…

What if you did it exclusively?

“If you can’t be the best in the world, don’t bother, because someone else is going to get my attention.”

So says Seth Godin to the New York Times today.

It’s a wonderful piece in which Godin, a New York Times lover for years, like me, describes what the great paper might do to avoid the fate of most newspapers in this Internet world…See here.

Doesn’t this advice apply to each of us trying to market something to others?

What are you great at? What if you did it exclusively?

It takes daring. It is scary. Because it means choosing. And choosing means you are NOT getting distracted by other things people are throwing at you.

E.g., if you really like recruiting and want to get really good at it, DO THAT. If you don’t, and prefer getting customers, DO THAT. If you never really liked online, and prefer belly-to-belly, DO THAT. Do it over and over and get great at it.

To help yourself stay focused, get off mailing lists that do not focus on your focus. So you can concentrate on developing your strengths without distractions.

Getting great at what you really love doing in this business is the only way people will keep buying from you and recommending you.

P.S. ‘Getting great’ at network marketing is too broad. Pick what you want to market most (business or product), then the way you want to market that. Start getting great at that! Who wants to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, and master of none?


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Kim Klaver


  • WOW! What a truly great comment…and what a powerful thought upon which to reflect. Thank you for sharing this with us today.

  • WOW! What a great message today and what powerful thoughts on which to reflect. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Awesome post Kim! I have just started to focus my attention on what specifically I am good at. That would be recruiting. Now off to un-subscribe myself from a TON of mailing lists geared to things that I shouldn’t be focused on right now. 🙂

  • Reading this felt like someone was reading my mind. I say this ALL of the time and I hope people “get it”. There is more than one way to accomplish a goal. You are right, some people might be fabulous at retailing product, others might be great at offering a business and training people. You can make great money either way and it has been proven. Do what you are good at and you will LOVE what you do!

  • So true…for me, this applies to focusing on the specific product I love to market as well and not being distracted by other products and opportunities. I have learned to stick with just one thing until I have reached my goals with it, then maybe I can branch out. Until then, I find it easier to focus on just one business…and cub scouts…and PTA…and being an awesome mom…and being an awesome wife…and volunteering at church and…no wonder I’m stretched so thin! It sure beats my former life of trying to achieve work/family balance in the corporate world though…


  • Dear Kim,

    Great thought provoking question.

    Since we are often our largest personal fan and our own worst critic, don’t you think it would be beneficial if we conducted our own private survey. Set a goal to ask 100 of your closest contacts what they think you are really good at.

    The answers could be very revealing.

    I am going to do it and I am going to ask witty and procrastinating Walter first. And Wendy, whom I know quite well from another forum, same question to you. And dear Kim, you have known me for a good while. (She has even told me I am to scatterd and distracted.) You guys don’t count as part of my 100. You are just warm up pitches.

    So to the three of you; what is the ONE thing that Tom is really good at?

    Scattered, covered, and smothered,
    Tom Doiron

  • Dear Sheri,


    I thought so, but none of the three I asked for warm up pitches have tossed anything to me.

    I am going to do my survey anyway. My first person told me I was an excellent communicator and that I had a very special way of engaging with people. She is a successful Action Business Coach so she is very objective.

    These two qualities work equally well for top down or bottom up marketing. Good I have 99 more to go.

    Still scattered,covered,and smothered,

    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Tom —

    I wish I knew you well enough to tell you what you’re good at, or best at.

    Sometimes, it’s easiest if you ask yourself what you really enjoy doing most. Often, that’s what you tend to do most often, unless you’re one of those who seeks to be a Jack of All trades…:)

    Which is also possible, of course…and be good at many different things…But I think humans tend to be good at those things they want to do most.

    So what’s THAT?

  • Dear Kim,

    Gee thanks for the reply Kim. I thought you had hired someone to run the blog for you. Just kidding.

    I love to communicate with the written word. A writer, they call it most often; I believe.

    I enjoyed writing in school (actually won two nation awards) and then wandered away from it. This blogging phenomena has helped me re-discover or rekindle my interest.

    Similarly, I also enjoy public speaking. I want to be like you, Kim; a wordsmith extrodinaire, excellent with keypad or microphone. Ha, I am even an audiophile, too. Remember when KLH was the buzz of Havard Square?

    I have never wanted to be a ‘jack of all……master of none’.

    I know I am not a good recruiter because I can’t sell the dream until it is a reality for me. I am over faking it until I be making it. I just had a wannabe bragging to me recently about her 6-figure earning friend in xyz company. I had to bite my tongue so I didn’t ask if she had actually seen the check. I would bet she hasn’t.

    I know I am an enthusiastic promoter. In grade school I used to ace ‘show-and-tell’. I believe that is why I have always gravitated toward selling products with demonstratable, tangible benefits. You know Kim, like Kirby or Electrolux ! Beloved Zig Ziglar was a champion with cookware.

    Honestly, want I have wanted to do more than anything, for a long time, is experience life without debt. It has almost become a substitute passion that has surpressed all others. Is that a good definition for obsession? My life’s mission is “Plenty To Live and Plenty To Give” and somedays it seems I will die trying.

    So what is it?
    Tom Doiron

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