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What Can You Do Beyond The Sign Ups

What Can You Do?

“What should I do first? Where do I start when I feel like I need to just START OVER? Should I do Facebook? Should I do parties? Should I do Instagram? Email marketing? What do you suggest?!?” – Lulu

Stop. Pause. Breathe. If you already feel overwhelmed, do you want to add MORE to your plate?

  • So – Do this one thing FIRST.

Answer this question: imagine you have 5 new customers and 2 new partners or reps ready do sign up. They want to know, “If I sign up with YOU, how can YOU help ME become successful?”

Remember – they can sign up with any of 250,000 reps out there.

What can you do – for them – that only you can do – BEYOND sign them up?

Think about that.

  • It. Is. A. Lot. No matter WHO you are.

You might have organizational skills, or patience, or you might be a good teacher. Think of the mistakes you’ve made that you can help someone else steer around.

  • How you got your first customer… your first partner…

That’s all part of marketing YOU Inc.

And THAT is what will set you apart. And differentiate you from the other 250,000 reps who are all just screaming how great their product, business and company is.

Stand out by showing how YOU can help others succeed. OK?

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