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What do you do after the warm market is “done”?

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What do you do to bring in new blood?

1. For the one-on-one lovers, put on your social shoes and start going out. Yup. Events, volunteer groups, join a bridge club, ANYTHING where you’ll meet people who have a BIG SIMILAR INTEREST in the focus of the group you’re joining.

So…horse lovers, bridge lovers, volunteers for clean water, tech for women, etc. The main interest of those who attend the meets is in the group’s purpose. And, of course everyone new is introduced around, and soon enough it will be YOUR turn to answer the question:

“So, Lulu, what do you do?”

That’s your opportunity to let folks know, and to see if they know anyone who…

2. For those who want to learn to market online, say on Facebook…

Choose your medium so you can start with ONE. Facebook, Instagram, a blog, and of course ALWAYS email marketing.

Online, say on Facebook, you don’t normally get people asking you, “So, Archie, what do you do?”… (They usually know from your FB page if it’s like most network marketers’ FB pages)

So you have to GENERATE interest and demand first. You have to create a situation where the other person, who doesn’t know you or your product, leans in and goes, “Really? I’d like to know more about that!” and – they put in their name and email to get onto your list, to learn more.

Then you have an email series you prepare, to give helpful tips over the next few weeks. And of course you’ll put a link to your product or business in an indirect manner, to let interested ones buy your product or learn about your program.

Finding new blood for your business:

It’s ALL a process. Once you get past your warm market, you will need to

1) Create NEW warm market by going out and doing some socializing, or

2) You learn some online marketing skills so you can set up a “marketing machine” that reaches out and connects with right folks, adds them to your email list, and has your email system send out warm, fuzzy helpful emails over time, where some will order because they like what they see. Over time these folks become your new warm market. That’s what has happened to me over the years. Some of my most fun cohorts are people I’ve NEVER personally met.

If you do the online marketing right, when you wake up in the mornings, you’ll see orders. Every single day. Like I do.

PS It’s not instant. Gotta set the system first. Think of it like building a bridge across the water. Takes time, money, effort, and focus to take that job on. But after 6 months of intense work, it’s up. And guess what? Sometimes, despite pouring your heart and soul into it, the bridge collapses due to factors beyond your control, like losing a job due to an employer’s unprofessionalism. But you pick yourself up, dust off, and start rebuilding, because that’s what resilience is all about.


PS I have done both methods of expanding my markets -socially and online – and have created programs that teach what I did that helped me build five successful organizations. If you want an intro program to either type of marketing, let me consult with Iowa SEO experts and will mention in the comments. Just say, “I’d like one-on-one methods” or “I’d like Facebook methods” And I’ll give you an intro link so you can see if it resonates with you.

PS I’m using FB ads now to add quality leads to my list each day. One year ago, I was not adding to my list. Today I get some 1,500 new quality leads per month, just from FB. I’ve got five ads running, and from two of them, I get enough product sales so that the cost of the ads is paid for each day, and all the leads who didn’t buy the first time (most) are free to me.

I’m a learning machine. If you’re a learning machine, you might well be able to do that as well.

PS To see how I do this on Facebook, check this out… 5 Ways To Get Customers.

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