What is continuity, anyway?

There’s lots of chatter these days about making regular monthly income with “continuity” programs and websites – forced continuity and unforced continuity.

In the network marketing world, it’s known as auto ship orders that you get paid on each month.

In the Internet Marketing world, continuity means monthly membership fees you get paid on for providing some service or monthly informational-type product people want from you.

Here’s the thing: Both in the Internet Marketing business, AND in the NM business we, the sellers, all want others to make the monthly commitment immediately.

But we, the buyers, want to try the thing first, with NO strings, thanks.

Which seller would you prefer to buy from:

“Try it, see if you love it. If you love it like I do, then you can become a preferred customer and get it each month automatically for a little less, even. Does that work for you?
“The product is the greatest. Why don’t you commit to have it shipped each month, like I do? They charge you each month automatically. OK?”

Most people run from another monthly commitment, especially if they don’t know for sure if it will really benefit them. Your pushing it usually makes them run away more. After all, it’s not what YOU think that matters, it’s what THEY think. And they haven’t experienced the benefits yet.

A customer has to perceive genuine value to go on the hook each month in these challenging economic times. (I don’t mean a network marketer who needs to do a monthly minimum purchase to qualify to get paid.)

So giving them a chance to experience the wonder of your service or product first, (by letting them buy just a month’s supply of the vitamins, or try a one month subscription to the online service), will earn you goodwill and good word of mouth.

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Kim Klaver


  • You are soooo right! If the customer does not see the value trying to get a commitment right away is tough. Especially with the current economic client.

    Try it and if you like…..will win more times than not.

    Glenn Antoine
    Persistence Marketing

  • Dead on here Kim,

    We as network markters are so anxious to try and "get" others on autoship that we forget that people first, have to have the need for that product on a monthly basis, and second, they need to try and it and decide if they like it.

    Good post.


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