What kinds of people do network marketing?

You are looking for a new recruit. A good one. Who will it be?

Lulu’s one of many out there looking for something of her own. She could choose a catering service or hair salon, a franchise of some kind, or she could set up her own network marketing business. She could also try one of the hottest franchise businesses hydraulic hose franchise.and can take pirtek franchisee support if interested in investing in this franchise.

What kind of (entrepreneurial) person chooses network marketing?

Is there anything about future NMers that’s unique, as compared to entrepreneurs who choose other kinds of businesses?

Here’s one thing:

People who choose NM are not afraid of being alternative to the status quo in some way, because they have big belief in something. For example, alternative health approaches or products, or an alternative way of earning income (being an entrepreneur versus the job).

What’s something else, starting with yourself, that you think specifically characterizes people who are attracted to and stick with the NM business, regardless of how long it takes?

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Kim Klaver


  • I do think it’s the “something bigger”… some people call it the why. Most people bail at the smallest frustration, looking for any excuse to say “this didn’t work for me”.

  • It seems to me that one of the things that attracts certain people to network marketing is that they do look outside the “norm” and want the American dream of making it “big” in the business world on their own terms.

    The idea of customizing their business to fit their lifestyle rather than the other way around while providing a valuable service or product to the world is exhilarating.

    Brenda Bunney

  • I think they have to be independent minded and not listen to others around them who are undermining their efforts. You have to feel pretty strongly about what you are doing because it is very easy to get discouraged.

    With out this: Persistence and Determination it’s not likely the person will go the distance.

    A belief that you can make it, that you will be successful.

    Self confidence because it is easy to listen to the nay sayers and start to doubt yourself and your choices.


  • What am I looking for in a recruit?
    *Someone who has a why for doing this business
    *Someone that is coachable and will follow our simple team system
    *Someone who has commitment to stick with it because it takes a lot of time and money to build any MLM…no matter what company you are with…success with rarely come overnight.

    What kind of entrepreneurial person chooses network marketing?
    *A person who wants to have leveraged growing income…in an environment that is an equal opportunity for everyone to be paid what they are worth.
    *A person who has the same dreams and goals like any other entrepreneur, but can only achieve them if they help others achieve theirs.
    *A person who wants to have a business, but would feel that they would put their employees at a disservice by running a “normal” business paying them linear income with no leverage…in a pyramid scheme compensation plan where the “guys at the top make all the money…leveraging the guys on the bottom who do all of the grunt work.”
    *A person who understands that word-of-mouth marketing is the best type of marketing there is.
    *A person who truly and genuinely cares about people and their well-being, and who truly understands the importance of relationship building with others…because in the end relationships are the only things we take with us on into the future

    As far as “Other Non-MLM Entrepreneurs”…
    1) You can become a professional agent (RE, Insurance…etc)…but the only way you make money is if you keep selling…You have no leverage…if you want to make more money…you have to put in more time…taking it away from family and friends
    2) You can start a brick and mortar business….have the monthly overhead…and all the risk…when in reality 9/10 of business’s fail…Most aren’t willing to stick out 3-5 years to break even…I mean…why take on all that risk with no guarantee? (I am not saying network marketing has a guarantee…but the initial risk is a lot less)
    3) Have a “business idea” work to build it from the ground up…take on all the risk…with no guarantee it will work…again 9/10….
    *Yes…97% failure rate in network marketing…but there are many other reasons for that…but that goes beyond this comment for now.

    ****Or you can build an MLM…which has all the tools, support, training, business backbone…where all you have to focus on is retailing product, sponsoring new affiliates, and teaching others to duplicate what you do**** I don’t know about you but that sounds a lot smarter than the other options… What do you think?

    Those who stick with it…are the ones who make the commitment to stick with it from DAY ONE…If you are willing to do whatever it takes to build it…You Will…As long as you have the support and sponsor to help you get there…You can achieve anything you set your mind to…I can say I have found my home 🙂


  • I think the people who are successful and stick with it, are those that have a strong desire to learn and improve. I’m not sure that is necessarily what draws people to Network Marketing, but I believe those two things are crucial for ongoing success.

    In addition, because of the need to build teams, a person who is not genuinely drawn to the idea of helping others succeed, will themselves not be as successful.

    As crazy as it may sound. I love this industry so much that sometimes, I just want to help people find the right company even if it isn’t mine! Of course, I want people to sign up with me, but more importantly, I want people to have the incredible opportunity that network marketing can provide.

    Laura Kane

  • For me I was attracted to Network Marketing through my husband. He is a entrepreneur through and through. He has done several NM business but until we hooked up with Usana we didn’t understand the model fully to stick with it. Now we know it will take hard work, we believe in the product we sell and the company we represent. So here is my list of things a person needs or has in them to start with NM instead of the traditional business model.

    !. Hard work ethic
    2. Belief in the product/services you offer so much so that if you didn’t do the business you would still buy the product
    3. A company you trust
    4. An understanding of business so you make it past any rough areas.
    5. A goal

    These are my thoughts on initially coming into NM.

    Nancy Carlson

  • What types of people?

    All types! Learn very early on not to prejudge anyone. There are those that want the “big time” and there are those that want to have some “mom time”. I’ll love them all in my business because each one is fulfilling what they need and contributing to the overall whole.

    I think we all want something of our own, and NWM is a way for anyone to have a go at being their own boss, yet having the flexibility and lost cost to entry.

    My reasons why have changed over the years as I fulfilled each one. I have ebbed and flowed from being the “big time”, to wanting “mom time” and everywhere in between. That is the beauty – wherever you want your business to be, it will be and that is attractive to a lot of people.

    “Eat Candy, Lose Weight”

  • Personally, I am a person who stays, because I would be taking these products as a customer anyway. That is how I started (only $20 for a chance to make some money, too? I’m in!). I am motivated by helping others and the potential to stay home with my boys. I love having them as business partners and don’t see that as possible with other types of self-employment.
    I would love a team with a bunch of me’s, but definitely people of varying strengths – so we can compliment and learn from one another.

  • This being mentioned, it makes me realize even more why so many business owners might be attracted to this type of business because they are already open to being a business owner, not an employee.

    I have come to the realization that the ideal target market may differ from one person to another.

    For me, I came to realize that my perfect prospect is ideally someone who has caught the nwm bug and is determined to find success in network marketing whether it is for the first time or if they wish to recreate a past scenario with a new program.

  • The kind of people that get involved and stay involved in Network Marketing are like the person that will stop and hold the door open for you when they see you coming.

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