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What pond are you fishing in?

Today Archie asked me, “How do I get people’s time
so I can “show” them my thing?

He continued,

“Lots of people don’t know they can benefit from a
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value it can bring them…but oh so tough to get them to commit
to letting me show it to them!”

Today’s tip: Learn where to go fishing

Figure out first, what kinds of folks really WOULD benefit
from knowing about your thing. Three totally different examples:

Pond 1. In Nov, 2004, Excel Communications went out of
business. Jordan Adler was one of the top 12 earners there.
In shock, he went to his place in the mountains to recover,
and ponder what to do next. Every top recruiter type wanted t
o get to him (and the other top peeps – for obvious reasons.)

DeMarr Zimmerman was with this card sending company.
It had just started about a year before. He sent Jordan
these physical cards. A Bunch. Jordan eventually tested the
service, liked it and decided to build it. Great news for DeMarr.
And, for Jordan who’s now the #1 earner at that company.
(DeMarr couldn’t be happier.)

The (small) pond DeMarr went to fish in: A top builder in a crashed company.

He knew that –
1) Jordan was a top builder at another company…And
2) that Jordan’s company suddenly went out of business…And
3) that Jordan would likely be looking for a new home…And
4) that the type of service Jordan marketed with his previous
company was a service – versus skin care, or nutritionals, etc.

That is a focused pond. Many were circling.

NOTE. There was NO guarantee Jordan would decide to do
DeMarr’s thing. Or that he would succeed building it. But.
He was a dream prospect. He was NOT just “anyone.”

And fortunately for both of them, they now work together
and are enjoying great success. 🙂

Pond 2. Lulu is a retired realtor and loves her cards
because she knows what a special card with some
surprise brownies can do for someone’s day. So, she’s
approaching other realtors because they ALL want
more customers, and more customers to stick. So far
she has several using her system already. !

While not every Realtor will buy her service, her chances,
when fishing in that small business owners pond, are
much better. Why? Because she KNOWS their pain,
having been a realtor herself. The pain? The want for
MORE customers. More referrals, more repeat business.

Pond 3. Years ago I marketed fruits and veggies in capsules.
My first set of folks I went to were MDs – alternative MDs.
I just went to the Yellow Pages (back in the day…) 17 years ago,
there were not many alternative physicians.

The first one whose office I called said YES, we’d like to offer
something like that to OUR patients! After trying them, they
bought a few cases. It has been nearly 17 years. And. They
are STILL using that product and reselling it to their own
patients today!

Moral. Think and ponder: WHO is it, that has a problem THEY want solved?
That you can solve – with your thing?  Not a problem that YOU want solved
for them. No. A problem THEY want solved for themselves.

Do you have something that can make THAT PERSON’s day?
From THEIR point of view (versus yours)? That’s your pond #1.
There will be more than one pond for you. Start with one. So you
test different bait and see what pulls best.

PS. In the Orange Book (If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?),
I suggest leading with YOUR hot button. Finding peeps who share
YOUR values (and pains) as it relates to the thing you are marketing.
Start fishing in THAT pond.

Moral: Learn where to go fishing. Your time (and energy and
motivation) is limited. Don’t waste it fishing in the wrong ponds.

They’re more likely to see, immediately, why they would WANT
to give you a few moments of their time, to see your thing.


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Kim Klaver


  • Kim you’re so right. The next aspect to cover is “Are you fishing with the right bait?” Money isn’t everyone’s interest. Freedom, leveraging time or spending more time with family might appeal to people more.

  • Archie’s question shows what he is focusing on. It’s all about what he wants. Rule #1. It’s always about what they want. People will listen to what you have, once they know you care about them.

  • Kim,

    Hmmmm…..most, if not all, of us at SOC know Jordan as Jordan Adler and not
    Jordan Dreamon…..what am I missing here? Note: I do see he has a FB page as
    Jordan Dreamon….even more confusing……

  • Thanks, Kim, for the timely reminder of what a great source of leads genealogy lists can be. This is where I have had some of my greatest success. One difference I have noticed when comparing this type of leads to the common real-time prospects of today — a real networker tends to answer the phone because they see it as an opportunity. The real-time leads tend to hide behind their caller ID these days and hope you just send them a free sample or packet of information, which ends up in the trash.

    Ultimately, to find a real partner for one’s business, you need to talk with people to further learn if they are right for your business. And, to save time and aggravation, it is wise to fish in the pond that you know has more of the fish you’re seeking.

    A great tip, thanks!

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