What should I sell to make the most money?

Part two of Learn to Sell. Part One here.

What should I sell to make the most money?

Depends. Today’s post is for beginners in direct sales or NM. Anyone in the business actually, who has not made more than $500 per month yet. Bad news first.

You’re like a politician. Pols sell their point of view. We go out and vote for them based on what they say they stand for, e.g. smaller government, lower taxes. If there’s a mismatch between Lulu’s public “position” and who she really is, as seen by what she actually does, Lulu can’t survive in politics because word spreads too fast.

In direct sales and NM, you sell your product’s point of view, the values of the creators. It’s something they stand for. For example, “it’s non-drug” or “it’s environmentally friendly,” or “it’s real food weight loss”.

The product is manufactured (presumably) with those values built in and it costs more than the plain variety. But there in comes the good news: Like-minded people are happy to pay more.

Here’s the thing though. People who hear or see you selling and promoting products with those values expect to see them in YOU. If there is NOT a match between the values you are selling and who you are or what you stand for – seen in what you do and how you live – they just turn a deaf ear.

Humans constantly look for what NOT to pay attention to in this noisy world. Because. We’re all crushingly short on time. So, if you market a healthy weight loss product and you yourself look unhealthy and live on junk food and candy, you’ll have zero credibility. Ergo, no sale.

Selling the business opp? If you lead with the income ‘you’ can earn (I can show you a way to earn $5,000-$10,000/mo part time), they transfer the income claims to you. (“So what do you make already?”) Because they want to know before they give you their ear, if that’s who YOU are. (You’ll need to say something else to promote the business if you don’t want to hear that question again.)

Unfortunately, we humans DO judge a book by its cover, and, as Malcolm Gladwell points out, we judge people even quicker – in the blink of an eye.

So to answer, “What should I sell to make the most money?”

If you’re beginning in direct sales or NM, or you haven’t earned $500/mo yet, sell something you live and love, something that’s an extension of who you already are or are becoming. Something you stand for right now.

NOTE. I figure you all know how to tell how much you’re making when you sell products. Once you have something that is an extension of who you are (e.g. certified organic products), which increases your chances of success dramatically, select those from a company that pays you the highest percent commission for your sales.

Next. I sell a weight loss program but I am still overweight. What should I say?

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Kim Klaver


  • Greetings Kim –
    I started with pet products because I've been an animal lover, especially dogs, for over 40 years and I care about them living a long healthy life. My dogs live a very long life without drugs or disease. My best girl (dog) – Tara – had her doggy birthday cake for her 18th birthday and died peacefully 2 weeks later. This dog was a picture of amazing health her whole life. Dog lovers will not buy products from someone who doesn't know dogs. This is why people trust me and continue to buy dog products from me.

    Because I raise my animals as naturally as possible I wanted to learn how to do the same for my human family. It has worked out the same way. People see how I was able to stop a 30 plus year smoking habit during a juice fast and they want to know how I did it. I'm so proud of our 12-year-old son when he tells his classmates about real food and the vitamins we take that are not sugary gummy vitamins.

    Kim thank you for teaching us (me) how to be me and market products that are a part of my values. I could not market something that I wouldn't give my kid or pets, so that says it all for me:)

    Healthiest Dog Food 🙂

  • This is such excellent advice. In addition to losing credibility with others, you lose credibility with your own self. Waking up every day, putting on your "fake" game face and reciting the company scripts (when you don't believe in the company and/or the products) will make you feel like an imposter and a loser. That feeling down in the pit of your stomach and the one in the back of your mind that you try to push aside, will eat at you day after day. Talk about having a crappy JOB.

    Find something you love to do or some product you simply could not live without and focus on that. Build your business over time with consistency, honesty and integrity. The money will come and you will love what you do.

  • Hi Kim,

    Loved how you put it that the product has to match who we are or who we're becoming. Listening is so key to sales and we have to listen to what they're not saying as well…

    All the best,

  • Thanks guys. Alan – actually if one asks everyone if they know anyone who… They'll just need to listen for the names. People say we need to listen more to prospects but I think that's a waste of time if u are talking to the wrong one anyway. If a person doesn't play tennis what is there to listen to if you just want to play?

    Get to the point and ask if they know anyone who DOES at and contact them. Direct sales and NM is the same as finding someone to at tennis with.

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