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What’s YOUR iPod?

ipodWhat’s YOUR iPod? 

When Apple came out with the iPod in 2001 (“1,000 songs in your pocket”), millions of music lovers bought it.

Most of them did NOT know Apple also sold computers.

The iPod buyers were SO enamored with their iPods, they came
back to Apple, and asked,

“What else do you sell?”

That ONE fab experience – with their iPod – brought tens of thousands
of people to the Apple website, many of whom then bought an Apple computer.

Why? Well if they make something as GREAT as the iPod, whatever
else they have must be top of the line, too.

The year of the iPod, Apple’s computer sales went up some
40%. And did the same thing year after year. Because. Of. The. iPod.

What’s YOUR iPod?

Consider leading with that…instead of the product catalogue.

Your iPod might be your #1 most favorite product or product family for your business…

If your customer has an iPod experience, they’ll be back…

“What else do you have?”

Got iPod?

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