“Where are the people to talk to?”

“Where are the people to talk to?”


Are you wondering where the people are – who’ll listen to
you tell them how amazing your product is?

And then buy?

If that hasn’t been working the way you hoped, try this:

Ask yourself: What’s the biggest problem you solve for someone –
with what you have to offer? (Yes you can begin with your personal
before and after…)

Use that problem – or its solution – to call their name so they come running.

Here’s something I do in my own business:

Who I help with what: 

I help marketers who want to grow their business but they
don’t know how to talk to people about their product – and
they really love their product.

So – 1) Who I help: marketers who want to grow their business 

and 2) What problem they have I offer to help with: how to talk to people about their product

Here’s how I might call their name and make them come to me:

Post the notice somewhere on Facebook where
I know network marketers hang out…

“If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?”
Free eBook. Download here.

Who’d click on this (because they have this problem)? 

=> Marketers having trouble talking to people and
selling their product.

See how that works? You can do this for YOUR market.  What’s their problem you can solve with what YOU offer

PS If you’d like to learn this so you can get enough customers and recruits to go full time, and you realize this will take some learning – how to Sell, Market and Promote, send an email here with the subject: “I want to go full time and want to learn to Sell, Market and Promote”

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