Which goals can you control?

Which goals can you control?

“I want to make $5,000 in 90 days.”
“I want to sign up 5 new recruits in 30 days.”
“I want to get 100 customers in 100 days.”

Realizing these goals depends on others doing what you want. Since you can’t totally control the actions of others, these kinds of ‘results goals’ are not entirely in your control. Are they?

How about these?

“I will talk to three people per day about my product.”
“I will make three business presentations this week.”
“I will do five demos of the product this week.”

These are personal process goals. You have total control. Just as if you decide, “I’m making dinner at 6PM.” Short of some catastrophe outside of your control, you can make dinner at 6. Doesn’t depend on anyone else.

You just do it.

PS That’s the power of the Nike slogan “Just do it.”
It’s about YOU doing something. It’s not about any results you should get vis-a-vis others – because you cannot control that. And Nike knows that.

It’s about YOU. DOING. Over and over and over.

PS If you need help with how to do these things effectively, email me
your challenge, and maybe I can help. Subject: My Challenge. Inside email,
please include 1) How long you’ve been doing MLM and 2) Your MLM company.

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Kim Klaver


  • Dear Kim,

    If only this truth had lived for me years ago; I could have avoided derailing my vision with things outside of my control. In NWM/MLM we put so much emphasis on advancement that requires sales volume and new recruits. Those are like moving targets. Our confidence ought to be in the process that done consistently will not only bring our desired results, but also teach our babies the proper track to follow.
    Thank you for your wisdom.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Kim,

    You really have a knack to make things simple and understandable. Your examples above are excellent. I can make dinner at 6pm. Maybe nobody will be there to eat it, but I can sure do it, hehe. Same as I can do things that are totally in my control regarding my business because I’m the one doing them.

    Some other examples… I will add 5 people a day to my Linkedin/Facebook friend list; I will collect 10 business cards at the next networking meeting; I will write one blog post a week sharing value; I will read 10 pages a day of a book that helps me grow as a person; and so on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your great insights!


  • I have learned to focus on what I can control. When I first got started in network marketing I was all over the place. Now I focus on doing what I need to do to bring on new customers and new distributors.

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