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  • Dear Kim,
    Since I have been a follower of yours for a long time now I know what to say and how to say it. No techno-babble here. You tought me well.

    Thanks for everything!

    P.S. I admit sometimes in the excitement I slip a bit 🙂

  • Hi Kim,

    I took the test and it would appear that I passed. I'm not sure though because it was more like a survey and the correctness of the answers doesn't seem to be confirmed or denied anywhere.

    I'm quite sure that the answers I gave would resonate with you since I studied your book covering the subject of the test very carefully.

  • Hey Kim, I read through the #3 answers and was so amazed at the answers. Do most of the people really think what they wrote can not be claimed by others about other products? If they think their product is unique – and it may be- then they need help working up the ad to go with the product.

    Out of the 226 answers I found maybe two that might be unique. The FDA would not like some of the claims people made about their product. Much caution to people making claims about what the products will do.

    I do give credit to the folks that answered. I didn't answer that one because I really couldn't think of what to write about my product that I was sure no one else could say about theirs.

    Gotta go read your orange book again so I can write an ad for my product.


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