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  • This was a VERY interesting exercise – thankyou, Kim. By responding to this I’ve realised that I’m not attracted to people who write screeds of information, especially when it’s primarily about themselves. I prefer a profile that gets to the point, while still giving me a sense of the person behind it. Signs of a quirky sense of humour attract me, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I want to know why this company is different, what makes it stand out against all the others that tell me I can work from home and become financially free. Based on those comments I’ve just made, I think I’ll take another look at my own profile, since I want to attract people like me!

    By the way, are these real people? If so, this exercise might give them some tough feedback, I hope they’re prepared for that…

  • These are all real people with real profiles on the iGaggle/NMC network.

    Interesting to see what people choose or not, based on this limited info. Brief is good, obviously, for many people. No one has time…on that first date, anyway.

    I think this is utterly wonderfully valuable information for the people I’ve chosen to put on stage here, scary, but immediately beneficial in so many ways.

  • Robin: Loved the layout of her profile but since I have no pets, the product would be no interest to me.

    Carol: Her profile was short and sweet, however, I used to be with that company for a very short while when it first came out several years ago, so I couldn’t reconsider this product again. For me, I wasn’t too crazy about the taste.

    Walter: No offense, but no warm fuzzy here for me.

    Ilka: Connected immediately since our backgrounds are similar and I too love reading. And even though I know someone else who is with this company, I would join her if I were looking for a new business.

  • Kim you are so right about this being immediately beneficial. I know I tend to say too much when related to my pets. I trimmed my profile a lot and will keep reading it to cut the stuff that only means anything to me. This is a great exercise for me.
    Thank you Kim and I hope there are comments so we can all learn from this exercise.

  • Whew! Yes, it is a bit scary being out in the open like this. Thank you, Kim, for giving us the opportunity to learn and get feedback on what we do right and on what we can improve on. This is huge and so very much appreciated!

    Anonymous, thank you for your nice compliment! I am deeply touched and very honored.

    Blessings to all of you!

    Ilka ;o)

  • LOL!

    No offense taken!

    Here’s the deal, and what I’ve learned from this experience so far . . .

    I’ve had trouble with my on-line picture. I’ve uploaded the picture at different resolutions, and they all look blurry. Not sure why, and I’ve contacted Shane about that.

    I haven’t focused much on my profile during the NMC / iGaggle transition. The layout wasn’t what it should have been, and the “marketing” has been less than optimal.

    LESSON LEARNED — Your on-line profile really matters! Take the time to get it right, and solicit feedback.

    This is a great group to get feedback.

    In my opinion, the reason we are here is to sharpen our weapons (OOPS! that’s male talk), er, to improve our skills and image so that we put our best foot forward outside this forum.

    So, as much as it stings a little when someone tells me my picture looks stone cold, I’m so very glad they did. And it gives me a way to improve.

    Remember that small incremental improvements compounded over days, months, and years will make you the great networker you know you can be.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

    P.S. Here’s what my profile picture is supposed to look like:


  • I’m confused with Walter’s comments. I didn’t see where anyone was saying anything about his photo. I’ve had the same problem with my photo and like Walter I’ve been trying to fix it. I don’t think our photos would help or hurt if someone was really attracted to us through our profile. I look at profiles to get to know the people – so I can forgive a bad photo, especially since I’m having the same problem and can’t get it fixed.

    Walter your photo isn’t that bad.

  • This was interesting… thanks Kim.

    We’re getting a puppy, so only yesterday did I search through iGaggle for someone to buy healthy pet food from. [Why not buy from a fellow NMC member, eh?] From all the profiles I chose Robin – but have not been able to get a message through – I checked all the links, then found a spot that looked like the message was sent, but I have had no response! Don’t know if it’s iGaggle or Robin who let me down. Anyway, her profile worked well enough for me to chose her over the others… although they were all too long – the only reason I kept reading was because I was there to make a choice! They all looked OK but what swayed me was that her personality as described in the My Words section most matched mine. Now I just need to get through!

    Ilka – too much to read. Still not sure what her message is.

    Carol – too negative – focus is on illness and debt. Cringe. I don’t want to think about it.

    Walter – now I have contacted Walter before just to say ‘Hi’ because we’re in the same company and his posts are usually brilliant. So what can I say? I really like the guy. The profile is short, sweet, and to the point. He got my vote.

    Hope that helps y’all!



  • Robin

    Oops! You’re right. I made a comment without context.

    About a month ago, I received a note from an active NMCer giving me some feedback on my photo. It wasn’t as bad as I made it sound in my post above, but essentially she made the point that I could stand to make my picture more approachable. It was feedback that I appreciated. 🙂

    The fuzzy photo problem is a technical issue, and I hope it is resolved soon.

    Either way, I think many (most?) people make pretty quick judgements from a person’s picture. (Malcom Gladwell calls this “thin slicing” in his book Blink.) It is worth the time to get the picture “right”.


    Thanks for the comments. Very much appreciated.

    Walter (from Wisconsin)

  • Robin, Walter and anyone having trouble with a clear picture on your iGaggle.NMC profile: the image you’re using is probably too small.

    “When uploading your photo, make sure that it is at least 140 pixels wide. Most photo editing programs allow you to look at the properties of a photo and see the pixel size. If you are using Windows, go to the folder that your photo is in and highlight your photo. Look at the bottom LEFT corner of that folder window. You will see a box titled DETAILS. The numbers next to “dimensions” are the PIXELS. The physical size of the photo is not the pixel size. That is dependent on photo quality. The first number would be the width and the second is the height. “

    So says Rox, our tech support gal.

  • Walter,

    I just had a chance to read your profile on googlepages. I like it. Maybe you could put a link to that page on your profile? It was so much more personal and made you sound so much more…normal… 🙂 No offense meant. I love reading your posts, BTW.

  • Ok, I got it. It’s too long. Thank you for letting me know. It is very much appreciated.

    I tried to fix it, but it won’t let me. (Probably because I’m not supposed to fix it while the survey is still going on because it could alter the results. Right?)

    So for now, it will stay that way, but I know I need to shorten it ;o)

    Thank you so much for your honest feedback!

    Ilka ;o)

  • This is the first time I have dramatically seen what Kim refers to as using our own hot button and “calling out who you are looking for”.

    Wendy said:
    Carol – too negative – focus is on illness and debt. Cringe. I don’t want to think about it.

    Paul said:
    All I had to see was their parents had died of cancer (mine too) and they wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to them (me too) by using nutrition (like me). Also, when they mentioned that they had paid off $30,000 of credit card debt, I knew they were getting results from their business, and not just product lovers or belongers. Because though I’m into health and nutrition, I want to make money too

    These two responses are east and west apart from each other. This was exciting for me to actually see the concept in print. Thanks to everyone who is critiquing our profiles. I appreciate the time taken and comments posted.

  • For Carol:
    The paid off credit card definitely got my attention. I am not interested in that product, but
    I vote to leave that finance bit in.

    For Robin: my only surviving 17 year old cat mainly catches his own nutrition, so your products
    are no match. But I always get a nice fuzzy feeling from your posts.

    For Ilka: Making money with BOOKS?!
    You have my number! We share some similarities in background. I was intrigued enough to visit your website.

    For Walter: visited your Google page. Nice picture, good story, if I had never heard of MLM I’d want to know of it now!

    All the best to all of you. I have
    had a wonderful unplugged summer and am slowly gearing up again. Visiting Klaver Blogs is a great way to get back in the mood.

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